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RSI can arise if you have a prolonged time, a repetitive movement. If you have long in front of the PC, and many to type or use the mouse, the chances on RSI. That means that you (chronic) pain in wrist or hands can get. To prevent this, you need regular breaks to take and exercises to do.

On this page you will find a list of free software that reminds you to take regular breaks when on the computer are working.


Completely free anti-RSI-software. The open source program is suitable for Windows and Linux.

Completely there are three different notifications: micro-pauses, rest breaks and a daily limit. The first reports give short breaks of thirty seconds for three minutes. Rest-breaks to forty-five minutes before and give you the keyboard for ten minutes. The daily limit finally reached, after four hours and write twenty minutes of rest.

Who wants to deviate from the default timelines can change. You can also by physical exercises help prevent RSI. This option is a series of simple exercises shown on the screen, which is easy behind the desk to perform. A animatiepoppetje shows how the exercises are put together, and a timer indicates how long the exercise should hold.

Attractive features are that Completely its interface language automatically to the language settings of Windows adapts. Also useful are the network, allowing all pcs on a network the same pauzeritme tracking and statistics per user can be tracked.


There are a number of ways to RSI or an rsi to occur. One of these is the installation of the free program is Completely which helps you to have sufficient breaks. Another solution is to use your mouse at all anymore thanks to the browser extension DeadMouse.

DeadMouse is a free browser extension for Google Chrome. This program allows you to links on the internet followed by the text that this consists of typing. As soon as the link is recognized, it starts to vibrate. If there are different links with the same text then scroll through by using the Tab key. With the Enter-key to open the page, and using Command/Ctrl key in combination with the Enter-key opens a new tab. For this you need the mouse not to touch.

DeadMouse is the ideal free tool for people who use the mouse is awkward to find or here physical complaints (RSI). The extension is only suitable for the Chrome web browser. Mozilla in its Firefox browser by default, it integrates a function to quickly text links in a page to select which approximately works the same way.

DeadMouse has the following characteristics:

  • link following via keyboard combinations,
  • free web browser extension for Chrome,
  • open page in same or new tab,
  • ideal for preventing or reducing RSI complaints
  • blacklist with websites add DeadMouse must be turned off,
  • suitable for all popular operating systems.

Time Out

Time Out is an anti-RSI program for Mac OS. The program forces the MacBook user in order to have as much time to take a break so that the chance of developing RSI is less.

Time Out has two kinds of breaks: a break of 10 minutes after every 50 minutes, and a micro break of 10 seconds to 10 minutes. Incidentally, you can determine the time between breaks and the duration of the breaks to set.

During the intermission the screen slowly dimmed, and shows a bar that indicated how long the pause lasts. With certain keys, can the breaks be skipped or postponed. It is possible to Time Out so that this is no longer possible. That way you'll be forced to take breaks and you can no longer be tempted to always skip.

Time Out has the following characteristics:

  • anti-RSI software,
  • freeware license,
  • mandatory breaks in front of the computer,
  • pauses the time automatically when you are not on your MacBook works,
  • to adjust the pause duration and the time between breaks, l
  • ange and short breaks set,
  • also available for download in the Mac App Store,
  • available only for the Mac OS.

Download and install one of the versions programs Anti RSI for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86).

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