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By default in the operating systems of Windows, Mac OS and most Linux distributions have a simple calculator function included. For more extensive calculations, to shoot this soon to be short. That's why we give on this page an overview of the free calculator software with more advanced features.


GeoGebra is an open source program that is intended to teachers and students existing mathematical calculations to be carried out or new formulas.

Each user can set the already created formulas to share with the rest of the users through the online platform GeoGebraTube. It contains by default, so already a lot of calculations to draw for course material or to study. Anyone can author material, so the quality of the results varies a lot.

With GeoGebra need students, and children not more with a pair of compasses a geo set square to the battle for round faces to create. This makes the program itself on the basis of the correct formulas. This makes the math education more fun and more time for students.

Teachers will some time in the extensive manuals need to invest to become familiar with the program and all of its possibilities. As the administrator of this software package, you have the possibility to GeoGebra via plugins to integrate with other Moodle and Wordpress.

GeoGebra facilitates the tracking of students by the score, the date and the duration of each attempt to a statement to make to capture.

The software for desktop and laptop computers are already developed since 2001. Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013, the tablet apps are launched for Android, iPad and Windows.

GeoGebra has the following characteristics:


Sicyon is a virtual scientific all-in-one calculator for students, professors, researchers, and developers.

Everyone with a role within the scientific world can benefit from this freeware program. Sicyon combines an intuitive user interface with an object oriented approach so that the learning curve is short and efficient.

Sicyon has the following characteristics:

  • virtual scientific calculator,
  • freeware license,
  • suitable for very complex formulas,
  • 2D and 3D graphics display,
  • multiple lines in one graph,
  • HTML reports are possible,
  • only suitable for Windows operating systems.

Microsoft Mathematics

Microsoft Mathematics is a free educational program, developed for Microsoft Windows, that allows users to make complex mathematical calculations to perform. The software is provided by Microsoft as a freeware offered. It is especially aimed at use by students.

A related freeware plugin called MS Mathematics Add-In for OneNote and Word, and provides functions that are similar to the separate program.

Microsoft Mathematics includes advanced features to the user mathematical, scientific and technical issues to solve and at the same time, the user to learn. It includes a graphic calculator, three-dimensional graphs, and a function for simple units to convert. In addition, you can also, through an integrated roadmap angles of a triangle to calculate and solve equations.

The software is capable of handwriting recognition. With a tablet written formulas are therefore also suitable for Microsoft Mathematics.

Microsoft Mathematics has the following characteristics:

  • calculator to calculate scientific formulas,
  • ability to handwritten texts, to recognize,
  • units automatically convert,
  • modules for the calculation of triangles, and equations,
  • three-dimensional charts create,
  • available as a standalone program and as plug-ins for office
  • only suitable for Windows operating systems.


SpeedCrunch is a free calculator software. The program is a lot more advanced than the standard Windows calculator, and it is also very fast. SpeedCrunch performs the calculation already during typing of the formula. This is especially useful for input of complex calculations, because you previously established when there is an error in the formula.

SpeedCrunch has the following characteristics:

  • history and rekenresultaat on a rolling window,
  • calculations up to 50 decimal places exactly run,
  • intelligent automatic termination,
  • unlimited storage of variables,
  • use with keyboard or with the mouse and the virtual keyboard,
  • more than fifty integrated mathematical and chemical features,
  • user interface to your own liking
  • suitable for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux,
  • highlighting of syntax, and the pair of brackets.

Download and install one of the versions programs Calculator for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86).

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