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Thanks to the huge success of Dropbox, there are a lot of online storage and synchronisatiediensten added. These services make it possible to place files in specific folders on the computer automatically synchronize it with other devices and with an online storage (the cloud). So Apple offers the service under the name iCloud, Microsoft calls it SkyDrive and Google has Google Drive launched.

On this page we give an overview of free programs that are both online storage as synchronization between different devices as possible. An interesting newcomer who is not yet on this page, is mentioned, it is MEGA.


Symform is a special service in the list, because it works differently than all others.

Also distinguishes Symform is in the number of gigabytes of free storage that is offered. This is a whopping 10 GB and unlimited to be scaled up. To do this, you as a user, a portion of your storage space available to Symform. This service is used then to be a part of the data of other users to store. All data is encrypted and so you will not have access to the files of other users.

The extra storage is in the ratio of 2:1 to the 10 GB is added. So for every 2 GB of extra that you share takes the storage space of your own account with 1 GB.

Like most of its competitors also syncs Symform your files between the different devices. For this you can use software on your desktop and installing apps on your smartphone. There is even a guide on how your NAS server (Synology, QNAP or NETGEAR ReadyNAS) with the storage links.

After installation of the software and apps copy Symform automatically all changes from the local disk to the online storage. So you have not only anywhere and from all devices to access your files, you need less to worry about, or it may be lost.

It is possible for an unlimited number of sync folders that you select yourself. You're not stuck to one general folder that the program itself creates.

Symform has the following characteristics:

Google Drive

Google Drive is the online storage and synchronisation service from Google. This service offers 15 GB of free online opslagaruimte. When you need more space, you can use these against payment.

You can select the files you with other people want to share. Google Docs, Gmail, and Google+ are integrated with Google Drive to share files easier. So are the images on Google Drive are automatically available on Google+, and you can then with one click share it with your Google+ contacts (circles).

Google Drive has the following features:

Amazon Cloud Drive

Cloud Drive is an online storage and synchronization service which since april 2013 is offered by Amazon. After all of the major competitors of Amazon such as Google, Apple and Microsoft already have some success with similar cloudopslagdiensten is now also Amazon followed with the provision of such a service.

Just like almost all the competitors offers Cloud Drive 5GB of free storage, for additional storage needs at an annual payment of a subscription to be ended. There are 7 different packages with different opslaggroottes. The greatest paid package offers 1 terabyte of storage space.

You can use Amazon Cloud Drive to install on both Windows and Mac operating systems. After installation, a separate folder called "Cloud Drive" is created where you can store files that you will also want online store and want to sync between different PC's. Of course, you can, within this folder create folders for your documents to organize. By default, the 3 subfolders, "documents", "videos" and "photos" is created.

When you are using your personal account, log on to the site of Cloud Drive your online files stored in the same way, categorized into folders. When you make changes to a document then it automatically also on the online storage and on other computers acquired. So you always and everywhere have the latest versions.

There is also a mobile app for Android, but you can only save photos.

Amazon Cloud Drive has the following features:

  • 5GB of storage for free and additional storage for a fee
  • files automatically to an online storage and sync,
  • desktop agent suitable for Mac and Windows,
  • Android app for saving photos.

Norton Zone

Since a large amount of personal data now online is stored, it starts for a lot of users also is important to be that this has implications for their privacy. Symantec has responded to this by a cloudopslagdienst to offer which distinguishes itself by the extent to which the data encrypts and files, checks for viruses and other malware.

You can use Norton Zone to specify which folders and files you want to share with others. This enables an unlimited number of persons. Also, it is of course possible to transfer files with absolutely no one to share it and only for yourself to keep.

Norton Zone makes use of a versleutelingstechniek (encryption) with the encryption key on their servers is stored. Even if a government want access to your files then Symantec does not have the data to make your data to encrypt. This ensures that there is not just other agencies can snoop into your private files.

The free version of Norton Zone offers up to 5GB of free online storage. When you need more space than you will need a paid subscription.

Norton Zone has the following characteristics:


Box was always the biggest competitor of Dropbox before many other companies such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft are also active in this market. This cloudopslagdienst offers 10GB of free space. For a fee of only 8 euro per month, this extended to a whopping 100GB.

The functions of the service are similar to those of the other services on this page. A number of the more advanced features are the integrated versiebeheerfunctie that allows users to make changes in a document, undo, the public or with selected individuals to share files and your account security with two-factor authentication.

One of the properties that are for an important part has contributed to the success of Box is the public API. Through this API allows other developers to make their services easily on that Box to connect.

Box has the following features:


Dropbox was the first storage and synchronization service which has become immensely popular. The company has already started in 2007 with the offer of cloud storage. This service provides, in comparison with others, a small free storage space of 2GB. However, various ways that you can extra free space by, for example, to invite friends to make use of this service.

This service makes it possible to use your own file-syncing and online store. But the service is also become popular because it is simple to get large or large quantities of files to share with others.

Dropbox creates a separate folder on your computer with the same name. The files and folders that you save are automatically synchronized with your online storage and other devices where you have Dropbox installed.

Dropbox has the following features:

PlayMemories Online

PlayMemories is offered by Sony. This service has the same characteristics as the other services and offers 5GB of free online storage. Of course, PlayMemories Online well together with other products from Sony such as Bravia TVS and S-Frame digital photo frames. Allows you to easily connect with the online storage of PlayMemories to your photo collection. The online storage space can be visited via the web browser, log in to your account.

The PlayMemories Home software supplied with Sony cameras and Vaio laptops. This software can be used to automatically your photos and videos online. In addition, there are also free PlayMemories apps available for Android and iPhone.

Photos to your online storage space you can confidentially share with friends by a link to an album or to send a photo to processing in a digital map.


SpiderOak is a free program suitable for all popular platforms. Allows you to backups of files, files, synconiseren and share it online. The data transfer is through the use of encryption protected. The program is free to use up to 2GB of online storage space. When you need more space than you need to switch to a paid account.

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) is the synchronization and storage service of Microsoft. The service offers 7GB of storage for free which is in comparison with the competitors. Furthermore distinguishes OneDrive in a good integration with Microsoft Office and the availability of a mobile app for Windows Phone.

OneDrive is not only suitable for Windows and Windows Phone, but also for Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Microsoft OneDrive has the following characteristics:


iCloud is a storage and synchronization service offered by Apple. The must offers 5GB of free online storage.

iCloud is a standard part of iOS devices such as the MacBook, iPhone and iPad. In addition, there is also a free program available to sync with Windows PC's.

In addition to documents syncs to iCloud, your iTunes music, iTunes apps, browser bookmarks, e-mail, contacts, calendars, to-do lists and photos.

iCloud has the following characteristics:

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