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One of the latest trends in the field of internet innovations, the attention for big data. This term stands for the collection, analysis and use of the huge amount of data that the advent of computers and internet is available. On this page you will find an overview of the best free big data software.

Apache Spark

Apache Spark is an open source cluster framework. It pretends data 100X faster to process than Hadoop MapReduce in memory and 10X faster on disk. The software supports popular development languages, including R, Spark, SQL, Python, Java and Scala.

With more than 500 programmers over the whole of 2014 additions have submitted is Spark the most active project of the Apache Software Foundation.

The software of Apache Spark is deployed by internetgiganten as Baidu, Yahoo and Tencent to big data collection and analysis.

Apache Spark has the following features:

  • open source big data analysis software,
  • simple APIs available for processing large quantities of data,
  • very fast and claims to be even 100X faster than Hadoop,
  • integrated support for data sources including HDFS, RDBMS, S3, MongoDB and Cassandra.


Hadoop is the basis of almost all open source developments in the field of big data. It is managed by the Apache Software Foundation.

This project acts as a framework for the processing of large amounts of digital data. It is developed in such a way that it is easily scalable from one to thousands of servers. Defects in hardware components to be automatically picked up by the rest of the system.

Hadoop is used by virtually all of the major internet companies, including LinkedIn and Facebook.


GridGain is an open source Java tool that the real-time processing of big data.

GridGain has the following characteristics:

  • open source big data program,
  • real-time big data processing,
  • available in commercial and open source version,
  • an alternative to Hadoop MapReduce,
  • available for Linux, Mac OS, and Windows systems.

Apache Storm

Apache Storm is often described as the "Hadoop of real-time". It works with almost all programming languages. The program is for real-time big data processing what Hadoop is for batch processing.

The Storm project was ever in the hands of Twitter after the acquisition of BackType, a social media statistics organization. In 2011, the software to everyone for free and made available under an open source license.

Apache Storm has the following characteristics:

  • real-time big data verwerkingstool,
  • managed by the Apache Software Foundation,
  • suitable for Linux systems.

Download and install one of the versions programs Big data for Windows 10.

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