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The smartphone is becoming an increasingly more interesting device for criminals to bombard with viruses or other malware. In addition, it is also a popular item to steal. Since you have a lot of personal information on your smartphone have all the reason to protect.

On this page you will find an overview of free security apps for mobile phones.

Comodo Mobile Security

Comodo Mobile Security is a completely free security application for Android smartphones.

This app not only includes a virus scanner, but also a process manager, a software manager, a function for phone calls and SMS and block, an anti-theft function and a function to select the traffic to monitor.

This security application is so extensive that it is difficult to imagine that it is completely free. So you can use the anti-theft function, for example, not only the location of your smartphone to retrieve, you can also set an alarm to sound or make photos of the new owner of your phone. You can also click away all your personal information from the phone so that the thieves, there is no evil more able to do.

With App Protector you can apps select that you want to block. These apps can then not be opened before a password has been keyed in. So can others not in the personal information in that app is stored.

Is your relationship net, and you are constantly bothered by that ex that you want to go back to? Also, Comodo Mobile Security is a solution. You can see the numbers of people that you want to block on a black list and those persons you no longer can call or SMS. It is also possible to have a white list in which you enter phone numbers of people who still continue to be in contact with you may include. When you choose this last option than be all numbers that are not on the list are blocked by default.

When you are in possession of an Android phone and you are looking for a way to make this more secure, we recommend you to definitely Comodo Mobile Security a try.

Comodo Mobile Security has the following characteristics:

  • free security software for smartphones,
  • real-time virus scanner which is also unsafe apps detection,
  • TEXT messages and phone calls from unwanted people,block,
  • software and process manager gives you control over what your phone is running,
  • private environment for the secure storage of contacts, numbers,and text messages,
  • anti-theft function that o.a. the location of the phone can be requested,
  • only available for Android.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free

Bitdefender Antivirus is a widely respected company that security solutions for computer offers. Since april 2013 they also offer a free Android app.

The app remains in the background of the Android operating system runs and checks apps when you download them. Also, the files on your SD memory card is scanned.

You can from Bitdefender Antivirus Free also upgrade to Bitdefender Mobile Security. The app also scans the websites you visit for possible dangers and gives the ability to use your Android device to remotely lock, wipe or see the location to determine. The paid version is 14 days free to use for testing.

The functionality of the free version is not as extensive as those of some of the other apps in this review. For example, Lookout Mobile Security, many more options. But Bitdefender often comes very well from the bus in the testing of its products, so this is definitely an app to consider.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free has the following features:

  • free security solution for Android devices,
  • runs in the background of the operating system,
  • little negative impact on the useful life of the battery.

Avast! Free Mobile Security

Avast! Free Mobile Security is also only suitable for Android phones. Avast! it is a well-known provider of security software for Mac and PC.

Avast! Free Mobile Security offers protection against viruses, malware and theft or loss of the smartphone. Of all security apps for mobile phones offers Avast! the most of the opportunities to distance functions of the phone to turn on or off. So you can not only your smartphone, remotely lock or erase, for example, you can also use your mobile a given phone number, leave a message or all outgoing sms request. These commands can give you a SMS to your own phone number to send or by logging on to the website of Avast.

Avast! Free Mobile Security has the following characteristics:

  • free virus scanner for Android,
  • possibility of unwanted incoming Sms messages and phone calls to filter,
  • check the websites that are visited directly on malware,
  • phone remotely, horn sound, or location tracking,
  • data usage monitor for the control of the costs.

Zoner AntiVirus

Zoner AntiVirus is a security application for smartphones that run on the Android operating system.

This app offers protection against dialers, viruses, Trojan horses, worms and other types of malware. Also contains Zoner AntiVirus theft protection. When your smartphone is stolen you can trace with the help of SMS-messages.

A nice feature is the sending of secure messages. This allows you to send via e-mail, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, or other way. The receiver the encrypted message, only open and read by the correct password.

Zoner AntiVirus has the following features:

  • free smartphone security software,
  • possibility of unwanted SMS and MMS messages filtering,
  • all the installed apps, scan,
  • secure send messages that the receiver can open only with a password,
  • only available for Android.

IObit Advanced Mobile Care

Advanced Mobile Care is a free Android app offered by IObit. This app offers, in addition to real-time protection against viruses, various functions to the Android operating system to optimize. So, you can use this, among other the battery life extend, fast apps that run in the background and disable the startup of games accelerate.

You can also specify a black list of phone numbers to create that should be blocked or by default, all unknown numbers to block.

This app is suitable not only for smartphones but also for Android tablets.

IObit Advanced Mobile Care has the following features:

  • free security app for smartphones and tablets,
  • all-in-one solution for security and system optimization
  • suitable only for the Android operating system.

360 Security

360 Security is a free mobile app for both Android and iOS mobile operating systems. In addition to the standard protection against viruses and attacks of hackers offers this app also several ways to protect your privacy. With the anti-theft feature lets you remotely your smartphone to track when it is stolen and possibly all data from the smartphone uninstall.

If you are not bothered by others then you can phone calls and SMS messages automatically blocked.

Apps that run in the background by 360 Security managed and optimized. Because of this, your phone is faster and saves energy. Lastly, you can use your phone by this app to clean up so that unneeded files be deleted to make additional space.

360 Security has the following characteristics:

  • security software, especially for smartphones (runs also on a tablet),
  • built-in virus scanning and repair holes in the system,
  • apps in the background to optimize the smartphone working faster,
  • unwanted calls and text messages are automatically blocked,
  • mobile apps available for Android and iOS.

Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security is a security app for the iPhone and Android. The app protects your smartphone against viruses and other malware. In addition, the software offers protection against the theft of personal data. So it gives a warning when you connect to an unsecured WI-fi network or when you have a potentially dangerous app to install.

After your phone is stolen, or when you're lost than you can with Lookout Mobile Security to quickly find. Via the Lookout website, or through any other mobile you can check the location of your phone displayed on a street map. Then, when you are away from your phone, it is of course still difficult to figure out where it exactly is. To do this, you can remotely turn the alarm on so that you based on the sound to know where the smartphone is exactly located.

The free version of Lookout Mobile Security provides all these features, the paid premium version is even more extensive. Thus you can, for example, also at a distance your entire phone block or delete.

Lookout Mobile Security has the following characteristics:

  • free virus scanner for mobile,
  • your mobile phone will scan for existing viruses,
  • automatic backups of contacts,
  • location of the smartphone using a street map to figure this out,
  • suitable for iPhone and Android.

AVG Mobilation for Android

AVG Mobilation is a security app of the popular maker of free security software AVG. This app is only suitable for Android. AVG Mobilation includes, of course, a virus scanner, but in addition, it scans it on other malware.

It also offers app protection against loss and theft. After your Android phone is stolen you can use this app also use your smartphone to block or provide certain information on a distance to remove. To the AVG Mobilation website or to send a TEXT message you can, for example, all of your calendars, photos, contacts or sms messages in one time from the phone.

Also with this security app is it possible to change the location of the phone to see on a Google Maps map via the website of AVG Mobilation.

AVG Mobilation for Android has the following features:

  • security app for Android,
  • the location of the phone tracking,
  • remote lock your phone or erase it.

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