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Who today, the latest music want to listen to, coming soon to Spotify or similar online services. It is possible to have Spotify free to use, but then you hear every few minutes advertising in the past. Do you want to do this, then you must make sure to pay. But you can now also use the free app 8tracks download, which you can also enjoy a wide range of music. Whether you like deep house, dubstep, indie rock, classical, jazz, pop or punk, it's all back to find on 8tracks. And the good thing is that there is here no complaints in the past. This app runs purely to the music, which is tracked by millions of listeners from around the world.

8tracks has been around for a while and is one of the better music sites. With the free app you can unlimited listen to music. You stream the songs from your smartphone or iPad, or directly from the site itself and it is also completely legal. As with Spotify or Deezer, it is possible to own playlists. In fact, that's what 8tracks as around on. Do you have a playlist is necessary for a party or for a work-out, then you can here yourself compose or you can use one of the many millions of playlists to listen to which others are composed. Thus you can easily discover new music, because 8tracks is actually anyone who the dj and everyone is here music connoisseur. This program has no lists provided by the authors is pre-programmed, but the listeners themselves. That makes 8tracks a very personal and interesting site.

The nice thing about 8tracks is the extensive repertoire. Sites like Spotify and Deezer are required to comply with a strict format to keep and are also dependent on artists. If some artists don't want to, then enters their music, there simply is not. In 8tracks, you will not be bothered by. This site has a large number of licenses, making it even possible for music to upload, in the form of an mp3, and use it in your own playlist to convert. Because everyone can do that, you get a very diverse selection of music, compiled by real music lovers. For every mood there is a playlist, or genre to find on 8tracks. You can use playlists to sort out by genre, activity, artist, or simply through all the lists of items. A playlist must consist of at least eight numbers, and you should not more songs from the same album in a list.

The 8tracks playlist radio app is available for Android, iOS, OS X, and Windows. Everything is always and everywhere in the world, completely free to listen to. To make it even easier to make, 8tracks also Airplay integrated, making the app easy on your speakers can play.

8tracks has the following characteristics:

  • online radio stations, listen,
  • desktop applications for OS X and Windows,
  • apps are available for Android, iOS and the Windows Phone,
  • anywhere in the world online listen,
  • set your own playlist together,
  • upload your own favorite songs and put it in your playlist Is absolutely free Playlists by genre, artist, or activity

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You can free download 8tracks 32, 64 bit and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 from the official site. - Overview features and capabilities software, apps for Windows 10
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