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You have also the bad habit of imposing on the edges of your monitor with a zillion sticky notes papering? Then you are probably to find a more efficient (and aesthetic) way to get your memory to refresh. Why not go with the duo ResophNotes & Simplenote, which allows you to your memos online can manage and synchronize.

ResophNotes consists of two panels. In the right pane, enter the text for your memo in. The first rule applies directly to title: the memo is automatically saved. By default, occurs in a database, but that can also be a txt-file (ResophNotes can also txt and csv files to import). The added memos will appear in alphabetical (or chronological) order in the left pane. It is, however, possible specific memos to pin down, so that at the top of the list anchored. Course provides ResophNotes also in a search in the textual content of your memos lets you search.

Also convenient is that you to each memo to one or more tags can link to and that you can search for memos with specific tags. ResophNotes put e-mail addresses and URLS automatically in a working link, but you can also internal create links to other memos to refer to. Also nice: using special characters, you add HTML-like text effects (in particular bold, italics, and headers). The e-mail, or print a selected memo do you do with a single press of the button. Nimble-fingered users will also be happy to hear that ResophNotes has expanded to serve by a whole series of keyboard shortcuts: you can find them on the site. Also the safety has ResophNotes thought: there is a backup feature, and memos that you have deleted, you can still recover. Unless you consciously opt for a permanent removal have chosen.

Perhaps the greatest comfort ResophNotes in combination with the free service Simplenote (this is also an iOS app available). You must, however, in this service, to register. Whether you make any changes online (via the Simplenote website) or from your ResophNotes application, all customizations can be automatically synchronized with a predefined frequency.

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You can free download ResophNotes 32, 64 bit and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 from the official site. - Overview features and capabilities software, apps for Windows 10
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