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RSI is a collective term for physical symptoms caused by performing repetitive movements. RSI is often caused by the (long-term) working on a computer. Completely is a free program that can alert the user when the computer user a break need to take to prevent repetitive.

Completely is an open source anti-rsi program. By breaks while using the computer and do light exercises is the risk of RSI (also known as rsi) decreases.

Completely there are three different notifications: micro-breaks, rest breaks and a daily limit.

The first reports give short breaks of thirty seconds for three minutes. Rest-breaks to forty-five minutes before and give you the keyboard for ten minutes. The daily limit was finally reached after four hours to twenty minutes of rest.

Who wants to deviate from the default timelines can change. You can also by means of light physical exercises to help prevent RSI. This option is a series of simple exercises shown on the screen, which are easy to perform behind the desk. A animatiepoppetje shows how the exercises are put together, and a timer indicates how long the exercise should hold.

Useful is that the language settings Completely automatically to the language settings of Windows adapts. Also useful are the network, allowing all pcs on a network the same pauzeritme tracking and statistics per user can be tracked.

Completely has the following characteristics:

  • free anti-RSI software,
  • give pauzemeldingen,
  • physical exercises view,
  • also available in a Dutch translation,
  • available for Windows and Linux.

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