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When you are self-employed there is a good administration is important. This includes sending invoices, something that is often not among the most fun pursuits. If you are not so good at, you can Invoiceninja you a helping hand. Invoice Ninja is a printable that allows you to easily invoices can set it up, then the same to your customers can send, and the program also keeps the payments for you. The software has all the options that you also a program duration can be expected and thus, this is a very convenient help with your accounting.

Invoice Ninja is a program which you can download, but you can also right online to get started, without registration. With the free version, you can choose from four layouts for your invoices and you can have up to 100 customers to enter, but with the paid version, you can choose from the 10 designs, and as many clients as you want.

An invoice is very simple. You fill in the requested information, such as the data from your customer, the invoice number, the amount, a description of the work and when the invoice must be paid. You can freely additional lines on the invoice, where you will find more information. The invoices in this program are standard on the dollar, but in settings you can quickly change to euros or other currencies, if necessary, for foreign customers. You can use the invoices after it is created equal to your customers ' mail, but then also export as a pdf or word document, if you wish to send by mail or keep for your own records.

Invoice Ninja also has all your information in a clear overview. In it, you can see exactly when and which invoices are created and sent, when they are paid and whether they are paid. The program can also track whether the invoices by your customer viewed and whether and when they are paid. You can use the invoices even more personal, with your company logo adding. Also, you can set the same invoice more frequently need to send, so that the invoice periodically automatically to your customer is sent. Furthermore, Invoiceninja over thirty forms of payment, so that your customer with one click of the button can pay.

The software is open-source, which means you have your own needs and add, so that it eventually completely tailor-made. Do you want to have as a professional to get started than provides Invoice Ninja is also a possibility to download the program, and on a private server, so you have all the information easily in the program can convert, what the overview easier. You create a new invoice in just a few seconds, and it was never so easy to get your billing system in order to keep.

Invoice Ninja has the following features:

  • free professional invoices to send,
  • available online but also as download to own server
  • choose from different layouts for your invoices,
  • equal online to get started without logging in
  • follow when the invoice is received and paid for,
  • email the created invoice directly to the customer,
  • export the invoice as a pdf or word document,
  • add your company logo .

Invoice Ninja screenshots

screenshot-Invoice Ninja-1
screenshot-Invoice Ninja-2

You can free download Invoice Ninja and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

Devices: Desktop PC, Laptop (ASUS, HP, DELL, Acer, Lenovo, MSI), Ultrabook

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