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For parents it is often difficult to always ascertain what sites children visit on the internet and whether they are suitable. An internet filter such as K9 Web Protection can protect children from visiting unsuitable web pages.

K9 Web Protection is a freeware internet filter. For many parents, it is not a comforting thought that the kids over the internet able to surf the internet. To the children from websites where they are still too young for, such as pornographic or rascistische sites, you can use an internet filter to use.

K9 Web Protection is to a large extent by yourself, so you can decide for yourself what is and what is not by the filter. To K9 Web Protection to be able to use has a license key needed free-to-air applications. To this license key to receive, you must enter your name and e-mail address.

K9 Web Protection is suitable for desktop systems with Mac OS and Microsoft Windows. In addition, there are also mobile apps available for Android and iOS (the Apple operating system for iPhone and iPad).

K9 Web Protection has the following features:

  • free internet filters to protect children from inappropriate websites,
  • time restrictions can be set so that children only at set times can surf the internet,
  • online database of hazardous sites that are constantly updated,
  • unknown sites are real-time measured by the filter system,
  • suitable for Windows and Mac desktops and mobile devices with Android or iOS.

K9 Web Protection screenshots

screenshot-K9 Web Protection-1
screenshot-K9 Web Protection-2

You can free download K9 Web Protection 32, 64 bit and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 from the official site. - Overview features and capabilities software, apps for Windows 10
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