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To on the internet websites to be able to visit, you make use of an internet browser.

The most commonly used browser was Internet Explorer because this is standard in Windows is included. At this time, Google Chrome is the world's most popular. However, there are many other browsers which is also free to download. Opera for example is a freeware browser with many features and is suitable for almost any device.

Opera is a browser that you can download for free and use it for as well as all mobile and desktop devices. The freeware program is developed by a organization in Norway.

Opera is especially known for the extensive possibilities that comes standard with the browser, and the excellent security. So there is by default an anti-phishing filter built in that the user must protect against privacy violations.

Opera has some very advanced features by default in the browser integrated, such as: support of mouse gestures, support of keyboard navigation, support for touch screens, web pages read aloud, built-in RSS reader, etc.

From Opera 11 supports the browser extensions which extend the functionality even further can be extended. Opera also has a portable version of the Opera browser was released, making the Opera browser from for example a USB stick can be started.

Opera Turbo is a feature in which the loading of websites faster. Because this function makes use of a proxy server allows you to Opera easily visit sites by the isp to be blocked (such as The Pirate Bay). To Opera Turbo to turn on, click the Turbo icon in the status bar and select the option to Turbo by default, to turn it on.

The Opera browser even includes an integrated BitTorrent client and a news groups readers. So you can directly from the browser download files without having a separate client to install.

Since 2013 Opera using the WebKit layout engine for displaying web pages. This is the same engine as, among other things, Google Chrome running on it. Developed a layout engine named Presto. By here from to steps the developers have more time to devote to adding new features.

After the developer is switched to another browser engine, there is also no e-mail client more in the browser integrated. That e-mail client now as a separate download.

Opera is available for Windows (32 - and 64-bit), Mac (32 - and 64-bit), Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris operating systems. Also offers Opera browsers for mobile phones under the name of Opera Mini.

Opera has the following features:

  • free web browser,
  • fraud protection,
  • integrated RSS reader,
  • block specific content in order to save bandwidth,
  • thumbnail on tab of the internet screen when your mouse hovers over, so you can quickly find where the window is what you are looking for is located,
  • widgets, the additional tools that you can download for functionality,
  • integrated spelling checker,
  • built-in BitTorrent download application,
  • add your own favorite search engine,
  • site preferences adjust, so can you, for example, cookies ward off certain sites,
  • gestures, by means of a gesture with the computer mouse to perform a command. This provides a considerable gain of time during the browsing,
  • password management functions,
  • passwords syncing between Opera browsers on different computers,
  • pop-up blocking,
  • appearance of the web browser customize by using themes,
  • ability to pages to display like a book where the text is automatically adjusted to the width of the browser page,
  • easy self-portraits via the webcam through integration with services such as Photo Booth and Polaroid,
  • voice support, you can have websites read aloud by Opera,
  • Opera Turbo, a feature to make sites faster to load.

Opera screenshots


You can free download Opera 32, 64 bit and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 from the official site. - Overview features and capabilities software, apps for Windows 10
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