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More and more messengers and chat apps to encrypt their communication. No one wants that other parties can see what is written or said. The one chat app is a bit better protected than the other, and an app as the Signal crosses some privacy concerns still top out. But Cyphr is also a throw back to the app where privacy is of paramount importance. Cyphr enables the sending of encrypted messages a lot easier. All messages that you with this app sends are full encrypted and therefore one hundred percent private. Only you and the receiver, the messages and calls.

Cyphr is absolutely free and available for iOS and Android.

Is Cyphr fairly similar to an app as a Signal or Telegram, but yet, say the makers, that no one except you and the recipient of your messages can be read. Golden Frog, the company behind this app, has a reputation to uphold and has been working since year and day the online privacy and safety and also has a frequently used VPN.

Cyphr encrypts your messages by different symmetric keys to use. Advantage to this application is that you the level of your privacy on your own needs can adjust. Your messages are sent using SSL/TLS and 256-bit AES and stored in encrypted form on the servers of the company in Switzerland. Only the most necessary metadata is stored, so that your message reaches the receiver.

To get the app to work, you must create an account. You do that with your e-mail address, then a confirmation e-mail. Then generate the app, a special key for you, both a public and a private key that will be used to get your messages to encrypt. It is, therefore, a unique key that only works for you. You can then have a conversation with someone start. Invite someone through your contact list, where the app access to have to give or e-mail.

The way of communicating works more or less the same as other apps. You can easily have a conversation with a person or start a conference call. In addition, you share simple files and documents with others. If you have any information to share, you can choose to make that element more or less privacy sensitive. You can do this easily in the settings. That way you will have control over what happens.

By Cyphr uses the public signature verification, checks the app in all of your posts and know you and the recipient that the messages from each other and not an unwanted person. At this point, there is Cyphr only as an app, but hard work is a desktop version for different operating systems. Cyphr is an excellent addition to the existing chat apps, which your privacy is fully guaranteed.

Cyphr has the following characteristics:

  • all communication is encrypted,
  • free app available for iOS and Android,
  • account and login with e-mail,
  • beginning one-on-one conversations or group discussions,
  • invite people by e-mail,
  • send easy documents and files.

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You can free download Cyphr and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

Devices: Desktop PC, Laptop (ASUS, HP, DELL, Acer, Lenovo, MSI), Ultrabook

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