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A navigation program for mobile phone makes it easy to anywhere find the way. Google Maps Mobile is a good example of such a free program, see also our list of other free navigation software.

Google Maps is for many people known primarily by the online version. There is also a mobile version of Google Maps that you can download for free and use it on a mobile phone. Used to make Google Maps default part of iOS for the iPhone. Starting with iOS 6, Apple has the default kaartenapp replaced by Apple Maps. Many iPhone owners are, however, dissatisfied with because some of the addresses are not correct and cards is not always complete. You can use the Google Maps app itself is now installing from the app store.

Google Maps Mobile is available for almost all mobile operating systems, including: Android, iPhone OS, Windows Mobile, Symbian (Nokia), BlackBerry, phones with Java platform and Palm OS.

Google Maps Mobile for Android also supports voice navigation. Because of this, you can use it as a free alternative to the software of the TomTom. The Google Maps app for other mobile operating systems only displays the route as text or on a map. For major roads in the Netherlands and abroad you can in Google Maps watch whether there is congestion or you can just continue. Weather information can be displayed by a low on the card.

Through Google Map Maker can all the users information such as cycling routes, missing roads or points of interest such as restaurants add to Google Maps. This information is then used to to all users, so this service is still complete.

Google Maps has the following characteristics:

  • Detailed directions - You can choose a route designed for the hiker, with public transport or the car driver.
  • Integrated business information - Local business locations and contact information all in one integrated place on the map so you can easily get companies that you can find.
  • Easy to move cards - With interactive maps you can zoom in or out and move in all directions so that you do visually can orient.
  • Satellite imagery - View any location in the world from the air.
  • Street View of a large part of the Netherlands and the rest of the world straatfoto's again.
  • Google Buzz - View posts from people in your immediate vicinity.
  • Google Latitude - See where your friends are on the map and share your own location with others.
  • GPS - Shows your own location on a map.
  • Weather information display.
  • Displaying traffic information.
  • Traffic - View the amount of traffic on the major roads.
  • Always and everywhere to use via the web application.
  • The official mobile app from Google itself is there only for Android and iOS.

Google Maps screenshots

screenshot-Google Maps-1
screenshot-Google Maps-2

You can free download Google Maps 32, 64 bit and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 from the official site. - Overview features and capabilities software, apps for Windows 10
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