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Grand Theft Auto (abbreviated as GTA) is a video game classic. The first versions of the very popular action game are free to download and play.

Grand Theft Auto is a game where you are a criminal plays that itself should prove in organised crime. Cars to steal of others, and to carry out tasks the player can earn money to continue to the next level.

There are three versions of Grand Theft Auto free available: Volume One - Grand Theft Auto, Volume Two - the Wild Metal and Volume Three - the Grand Theft Auto 2.

These classic versions of Grand Theft Auto to be able to download you need to register by, among other things, a name, address and e-mail address. The creator of the game, Rockstar Games, explains these data only and not to others to sell.

Grand Theft Auto 2 has the following characteristics:

  • classic crime game,
  • freeware,
  • mandatory registration,
  • the old versions of Grand Theft Auto are free to download.

Grand Theft Auto 2 screenshots

screenshot-Grand Theft Auto-1
screenshot-Grand Theft Auto-2

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