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Has also times that you are a nice song to hear but not the name of the song and the artist? This question need never be answered to continue with Shazam. This mobile app can recognize a song by a short clip to record and analyze.

Shazam is a music recognition system. By the mobile app on your smartphone, you can install music recognize by your phone next to the music source. Shazam takes a few seconds of music and compares it directly with a giant music database. Shazam then displays the name of the artist, the title of the song and the title of the album. The app works very well as long as there is not too much annoying background noise. Shazam is unfortunately not able to transfer music to recognize Dutch artists who are not international breakthrough.

The free version of Shazam can only be a limited number of songs per month to recognize. When you have unlimited music want to tag, you need the paid version to purchase (Shazam Encore). Shazam is suitable for almost all smartphones and tablet computers.

Since 2013 is Shazam also available for desktops and laptops with Windows and Mac OS. Search songs directly from your computer without having your phone to address.

Since August 2014 is there an updated version for Mac OS released who is always on the background of the operating system continues to run. Automatically recognize the music that is in the near of your Mac is playing. So is a whole playlist with music stored without the app getting on to start or a button.

Just as you the mobile apps are used to give the programme directly links to the associated music video, the iTunes Store to use the number to purchase and social media to your favorite songs to share.

Shazam has the following characteristics:

  • free app and software to music to recognize,
  • name of artist, track and album display,
  • apps available for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Android and Nokia,
  • desktop programs for Windows and Mac operating systems,
  • direct link to the YouTube video of the song,
  • recognized the songs instantly share with friends via Facebook or Twitter,
  • a song against payment, purchase,
  • see what your Facebook friends to tag,
  • Shazam Tagparade of 20 countries.

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You can free download Shazam 32, 64 bit and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 from the official site. - Overview features and capabilities software, apps for Windows 10
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