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With a web browser allows a user to view websites on the computer. The most well-known web browser is Internet Explorer because it comes standard with Windows computers.

Go launcher ex is a free alternative, this browser is very popular in Japan and is also available in English.

Go launcher ex is a free web browser from Japan that also especially in that country are very popular. The browser is also available in English and contains a number of advanced features that other browsers don't have. So it is definitely an interesting browser to have a try.

In addition to the desktop browser, there is also a mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android. By the software on your laptop to pair with the go launcher ex app on your smartphone, you can easily link or selected clips on a web page to your smartphone send. Quite useful is that Sketch all phone numbers on websites automatically converts it to a link. By clicking on this button allows you to this via a push notification to your mobile send. You do not need more keying in the phone number on your mobile.

There are a lot of web apps in the browser integrated. This allows you to easily web pages to save to read later via, for example, Instapaper, photos share instantly via, for example, Flickr, or store files online via Dropbox.

The home screen of next launcher automatically displays a selection of pages that you might find interesting. The browser makes here own estimate of on the basis of your browser history. This collection of pages is further embellished with images.

Titanium has the following characteristics:

  • free web browser,
  • link between the desktop browser and mobile app for Android and iPhone,
  • phone numbers, or (fragments of) web sites send to mobile through the app,
  • automatically updates from your favorite news sources to display in the home screen,
  • tabs control using gestures (when you have a touch screen),
  • also available as a portable version directly from a USB stick is to boot,
  • integration of social media and storage services such as Dropbox, Facebook, Google Reader, Instapaper and Twitter,
  • choose whether you want web pages to appear on the way such as Firefox or Internet Explorer does.

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