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With a web browser you can visit websites and use web applications. In the past there was little to choose from, Mac owners used Safari and Windows users used Internet Explorer. But nowadays there is much competition in browser area.

Stainless is a free web browser for Mac OS.

Stainless is a free web browser for Mac OS. The main feature of this browser is the separation of processes between the different open tabs. This technique is originally copied from Google Chrome that, in the first instance, not for Mac OS was available. By the positive response from users, the developers decided to the development of Stainless.

All the processes within a tab rotate independently of the processes in other tabs. This has the advantage that tabs could not slow down and that you so faster. In addition, the stability because of a hung tab without affecting other tabs.

When a tab is eventually closed, the memory used for that session is completely freed for the rest of the system. This allows for less memory usage by the browser.

Stainless also supports parallel sessions, which means that you have different tabs with different accounts on one website can log in. For example, you can simultaneously log in to different Gmail or accounts in independent tabs.

The parallel sessions are also reflected in the separate storing of cookies, and bookmarks that will be associated with the session in which they are stored.

Stainless has the following characteristics:

  • free web browser for Mac OS,
  • currently still in beta,
  • processes within a tab rotate independently of the processes in other tabs,
  • on one site with different accounts to log in on different tabs.

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You can free download Stainless and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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