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Until late in the evening at a computer screen watching has a negative influence on your sleep rhythm. For this reason, many people are happy that the brightness of the display in the evening a little less bright than in the morning.

Scientific research has shown that the hormone Melatonin decreases when your eyes are exposed to blue light. This hormone gives a signal to the body that it is almost time to go to sleep. In the blue light watching your body not to signal that it is almost time to sleep to take, and you will be so more difficult to fall asleep.

SunsetScreen fits in the evening, automatically the display settings so that it is less blue light emits.

SunsetScreen is a free Windows program that helps maintain the display settings will automatically adapt to the time of the day. You set the time of sunrise and sunset and the number of minutes in which the colors are changed. For example, the transition is very gradual and jumps of the screen in one time to another color.

You can kleurwarmte select your screen day and night must take. Color temperature is measured in kelvin, often shortened to just the letter K. At a higher temperature contains the light more blue. For the evening and night hours, you will need a lower kelvin value than during the day.

In addition to the color temperature you can also adjust the brightness of the screen automatically adjust. During the day a high light intensity required for the display to be able to see. When the environment is darker it is better if the brightness is also lower. This prevents irritations to the eyes, and headache.

When you often until late in the evening behind the computer and have difficulty to quickly fall asleep then it is advisable to SunsetScreen to install. The program connect your display settings perfectly on your sleep rhythm.

SunsetScreen has the following characteristics:

  • color and luminance of the display adapt to the time,
  • time of sunrise and sunset setting,
  • color temperature to select for daytime and evening,
  • number of minutes for gradual transition of colors,
  • can start automatically with Windows can be initiated,
  • program from system tray in a single click exit when needed.

SunsetScreen screenshots


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