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WAMP is a combination of software programs "Windows" (the operating system), "Apache" (web server), "MySQL" (database server) and "PHP" (scripting language). With WampServer, on the basis of these programs have a local server installed on the PC. This allows dynamic websites to be developed.

WampServer is a web development environment for Windows. With the term WAMP is a combination of software packages to which a dynamic website can run described.

WampServer makes it possible to develop web applications based on PHP, Apache and MySQL with a Windows PC. Install the software so with a click of a button, an entire web server on a computer. WampServer installs an icon rechtonderin Windows that the server is soon to start and configure.

WampServer has the following characteristics:

  • WampServer is a Windows web development environment,
  • WampServer makes it possible for web applications to work with Apache, PHP and MySQL databases,
  • installation includes PHPMyAdmin and SQLiteManager to the databases to manage,
  • new versions of Apache, MySQL and PHP can be added easily to WampServer,
  • via icon in Windows, easily switch between different versions ofApache, MySQL and PHP,
  • simple server setting change.

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