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The combination of modern smartphones with an internet connection and mobile apps offers many opportunities to save money. Thus, it is possible to make free calls with Skype, for example, but also allows you to free send text messages send with different apps.

Of these SMS apps WhatsApp is currently the most popular in the Netherlands. After installation you can free send text messages send and received.

A popular newcomer in this category is SOMA Messenger, this puts more emphasis on privacy and is completely free of charge without annual subscription.

UPDATE: as of January 2016 WhatsApp is now completely free. So also to new users after a year not be asked for a small amount to pay. WhatsApp says that it is going to focus on other business models where companies and customers can communicate. How that model exactly will look like is not yet known.

UPDATE: Since the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook in February 2014, among others in the Netherlands, a lot of people switched over to alternative chat apps because users worry about their privacy. One of the most popularity soared free chat apps, Telegram. This app stands out because it explicitly focuses on the protection of your privacy.

WhatsApp is a razendpopulaire SMS app. The app is available for almost all mobile phones.

In the Netherlands this app within a short time has become so popular that mobile providers substantially less revenue from SMS traffic. With WhatsApp you can select messages in real-time send without for these text messages have to be paid. You should, of course, a mobile internet connection or wi-fi.

Unfortunately, the developers themselves don't download to the computer. It is, however, since 2014 is possible for Android users to chat via the computer by the mobile app to connect with your computer browser. This service is offered by WhatsApp itself.This feature was not initially available for iPhone owners.

Since August 2015 this opportunity is also offered for the iPhone. To use here you need to create the QR code on the WhatsApp website and scan it with your smartphone. The messages that you access via the browser sends and receives are not stored in the cloud but on your smartphone itself. The web application syncs with the smartphone app.

WhatsApp is the first year for free for both Android and iOS users, then you must each year, one euro to pay for the service to continue using it. iPhone owners were used to directly pay to install the app. When you in the past, single 89 euro cents paid for the app, the service will just work for free. You can after payment unlimited send and receive messages. It does not matter whether you send a message to friends in the Netherlands or abroad.

The functionality of WhatsApp goes beyond that of traditional SMS. You can not only send text messages, but also pictures, sounds, and geographic locations. It is very easy to group chats, to enter, you can create an unlimited number of add friends to a group chat.

The app is looking in the contacts list already stored on your mobile phone. On the basis of the mobile phone numbers is determined which of your friends also using WhatsApp, and this will be automatically added to the contact list in WhatsApp. So you can see directly to which of your friends are messaging with WhatsApp instead of SMS.

Since 2013 has WhatsApp a new push-to-talk function. You can use your contacts to talk after pressing the talk button. After the button has been released, the voice message is sent to the receiver. This works about the same as in the old fashioned walkie-talkie.

WhatsApp has the following characteristics:

  • free send text messages send and received with your smartphone,
  • unlimited number of people to add to the group chat,
  • sounds and send photos,
  • current location data sending that is determined by GPS,
  • profile picture to add that only your contacts can see,
  • see which of your friends are using WhatsApp on their mobile phone number,
  • suitable for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Phone.

WhatsApp screenshots


You can free download WhatsApp and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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