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With uTorrent you can free download files such as music, movies or software. uTorrent is also free to download and use.

The free BitTorrent application uTorrent (officially: bittorrent or MicroTorrent) is distinguished especially in the simplicity and efficiency of the software. uTorrent takes up very little disk space and free up memory and is also ideal when you wish to simultaneously download and work on your PC. This program, your computer will therefore not or hardly slow and this is especially nice with somewhat older computers. Additionally, uTorrent handy features such as playback of video files that are not yet completely downloaded, and the ability to grade and comment for torrents. This makes it possible for all users easier to have good and bad torrents are distinguishable. Furthermore, uTorrent all the features that you of good download software.

uTorrent gives you the possibility to add additional functions to add a uTorrent App to install from the uTorrent App Studio. You can also change the look of uTorrent by adjusting a free skin to download from the uTorrent website. The uTorrent Remote App for Android and the site ( make it possible to the downloads on your computer from a remote location to manage. So you can use it on another computer or an Android device new torrents to add on your home computer and existing downloads, pause, start or remove.

In 2014 has BitTorrent, the owner of uTorrent, a new feature, the download software added. The program now includes a menu that allows users to Bundles and / or view these directly can download. Bundles are legal files that are producers, artists, and musicians available in exchange for a small consideration. For example, this may include sharing via social media, a small financial donation, or enter your email address. Bundles is intended as a free service for artists to present their own work to promote. Meanwhile, there are already hundreds of bundles released.

In addition to the free uTorrent client, there is a paid version available with the name of uTorrent Plus. This offers protection against viruses, has an integrated media player, can convert files and offers remote access to your files.

uTorrent in december 2006 acquired by the developer of the BitTorrent application. uTorrent is still just as stand-alone software package and is also free and independent of BitTorrent download. Yet the two clients in the course of time ever more similar and there are only two significant differences to point out. The first is that the setup file of uTorrent is slightly smaller than that of BitTorrent. The second difference is that uTorrent is also suitable for Linux and BitTorrent not.

Since september 2012, shows uTorrent ads for sponsored torrents within the program.

uTorrent has the following options:

  • free BitTorrent client
  • multiple downloads at once
  • configuration of bandwidth allocation
  • set speed limit for all downloads, and for each individual torrent
  • rapid resumption of interrupted downloads
  • RSS downloader
  • files move easily from uTorrent
  • play video files before they are downloaded
  • figures and add comments to torrents
  • set the password so others can't make use of uTorrent
  • support HTTPS (SSL) and UDP trackers
  • proxy support
  • torrent create and save files
  • uTorrent App Studio, where you apps for uTorrent can download and install
  • also translated into Dutch
  • ability to uTorrent to pause when the computer is in use
  • uTorrent then start again automatically the download when the computer is not in use anymore
  • opportunity to torrents remotely manage via the uTorrent Remote App or mobile site
  • available for Windows (32 - and 64-bit), Linux, and Mac
  • mobile app available for Android

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You can free download uTorrent 32, 64 bit and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 from the official site. - Overview features and capabilities software, apps for Windows 10
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