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Alternative Mail Clients for iOS, there are surprisingly many. Surprising, because iOS it is not allowed, other than the System-Mail Client as the default to define each Alternative so it runs always parallel to the iOS App. And then there is the idea of Mails is not more than mail, but as tasks to consider an approach such as email Pilot or Mailbox track. Boxer supports this view on Mails also but not limited to, but only as an additional Option.

Basically, Boxer is a really elegant Mail App, all the functions to bring the System in-App offers and still a whole swing more. Supports Gmail, Outlook, iCloud, Exchange (2007-onwards), Yahoo!, AOL and IMAP Accounts. POP3 is no longer supported.

The list of messages recalled in the representation on the Gmail App, including the Icons with the first letter of the sender, to which no contact picture has been found. These contact images display not only in the local address book is searched, but if you have a Gmail Account set up also in the Google address book, LinkedIn or Facebook (a link to the services with the App provided). You can via the Action menu just Swipe to the right opens an email to a task, a pre-fabricated Fast response, send the Mail to move or, in the case of Google Mail with a Label, archive, delete, mark as SPAM, as a note to Evernote, send or mark it as Done.

As the tasks selected messages land in a separate folder on the Server, so that it is also on the Desktop or in the web interface in view only one is not just reminded. Would be nice to be here, a System memory, the Mac is synchronized and a Link to the Mail. A quick Overview of the Dashboard, here you can see not only how many (unread) emails in the inboxes of the individual Accounts are, but also how many tasks it still needs to be accomplished, how many are overdue or still have time.

Links to Cloud services and social networks today need to be natural and so can be boxers in addition to Evernote, Facebook and LinkedIn to Dropbox and Box, so that attachments to emails can be attached.

Of course, there are always and for everybody a function or a service that is still missing. For example, Copy is another Cloud storage, or Twitter for the query of contact information certainly not wrong. And encryption with PGP, you want today, but in fact from any email Client. But the quantity of functions, the opportunities associated with the emails with the Boxer to organize and, above all, the elegant and uncluttered Interface make boxers definitely an interesting Alternative. Not only to System App, but also Apps like Gmail, Mail Pilot or a voice mail.

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You can free download Boxer and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

Devices: Desktop PC, Laptop (ASUS, HP, DELL, Acer, Lenovo, MSI), Ultrabook

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