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With a family tree program, you can get a graphical view of ancestors, descendants and their partners in a tree shape can show. Aldfaer is a free English program with which to create your own family tree.

Aldfaer is a freeware Windows program for keeping track of the family tree. The software is developed in the Netherlands and is also only in the Dutch language available. The name of the software is derived from the Frisian word for oudvader.

Aldfaer since 1998 developed for amateurgenealogen easy to make to research results. Aldfaer is intended to establish the family ties of persons to map, but it is in practice also used by, for example, dog breeders in order to capture how the bloodlines walk.

Aldfaer is suitable for obtaining information about users, including names of parents, siblings, marriages, children, age at major family events, photographs and notes.

After you have all the details of family members added there are different ways to here a report from to make. You can use this family tree also is put online by a HTML file to export. You can also use the pedigree information to save as a GEDCOM file. This is a text file that the standard has become for the exchange of data between genealogy programs.

Aldfaer has the following options:

  • free family tree software,
  • suitable for family pedigrees but also, for example, dierenfokkers,
  • date of birth add,
  • information about the huwelijkste is add,
  • overlijdensgegevens add,
  • interesting facts and events to add (such as religion and profession),
  • relatedness between family members to capture,
  • only available for Microsoft Windows,
  • Dutch and developed in the Netherlands.

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You can free download Aldfaer and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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