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In order to request, review and record of leaves and overtime can the HRM department or the responsible for human resources efficiently with the aid of a special verlofregistratie system. Through all of the steps in a leave of absence form within one system to perform the chance on errors is reduced and enlarged.

Jorani is a verlofregistratie software package that is completely free to use.

Jorani is a free online verlofregistratie dashboard.

After installation on an own server room, employees can, within this system, their free days applications. Every employees must add to Jorani be linked to a line manager who then in each request to automatically receive a message. With a click of the button, the manager can this leave of absence form and then accept it or reject it. Also in this system the overtime registered.

Jorani also includes a calendar view in which you fast the free days for all employees within an organization can see, only the employees of a particular department or for individual employees.

You can see the structure of your organisation as complex as you want. The verlofregistratie dashboard supports adding subdepartments, branches, foreign branches, teams, etc. The extended opslitsen of your organization has the advantage that Jorani in the export of dates and the calendar view, only the leaves are for a specific part of the organization can show.

Jorani is a must for every organization to an online system looking for days and overtime of employees to organize. Through the entire process within one system can occur, the human resources department is very efficient.

Jorani has the following characteristics:

  • free HRM software package,
  • leave of absence requests and registrations manage via online dashboard,
  • calendar view of scheduled passes per werknemen, department, or organization,
  • employees request leaves via the dashboard, and managers approves it or,
  • advanced online reporting and option to this as Excel, to export,
  • installation on own server space and then use them via every web browser.

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You can free download Jorani 32, 64 bit and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 from the official site. - Overview features and capabilities software, apps for Windows 10
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