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On this page you will find an overview of free software that you on your mobile phone or pocket PC can be installed for a fully-fledged navigation system. These programs offer you a free alternative to the navigation software of, for example, TomTom, Garmin, Navigon and Mio. You should have a mobile with built in GPS or a separate GPS receiver to buy.

Do you want to see if there are road works planned on the route that you are going to drive? Download the free VanAnaarBeter app! When you bike, walk or run with a separate GPS receiver then you can use EasyGPS.

Google Maps

Google has a special version of Google Maps for the mobile phone developed. The app Google Maps Mobile is free to download and use. You need to make use of this software, however, have an internet connection because the current cards directly via the internet are requested.

If the mobile phone has GPS, the current position is indicated with a dot on the map. When the phone does not have GPS, the current position is calculated on the basis of the cell tower that the phone makes contact.

Google Maps is since december 2012 for all the devices a full-fledged alternative to TomTom. For this date contained only the version for Android spoken route instructions so that you also in the car could use. But now, this can also on the iPhone. The voice navigation works very well. The app indicates clearly what turns need to be taken and how long the ride lasts. In doing so, it also takes into account how busy the road is.

In addition to routes, you can also hiking routes and travel information for public transport search. The advantage of this last possibility is also the location of bus stations on the map are shown. So you can go running without getting the way need to ask.

For the POI's (Points of Interest) makes the app, of course, use of the company data, such as that via the Google search engine to find. Also in the mobile version of Google Maps you can use street view so that you can view photos of almost all the streets in the Netherlands and Belgium and many of the streets in other countries.

With Google Maps for mobile is also possible via GPS the location of users to share with others. This system is called Google Latitude. For the major roads in the Netherlands you can use Google Maps to see whether there is congestion or you can just continue.

The mobile apps of Google Maps, available for Android and iOS. Although some of the developers are also apps for Windows Phone to be offered with the same name, this is not official apps by Google.

Since november 2015 is the for Android users the possibility to use not only Google Maps download maps for offline use, but also which cards to use to navigate. To a route to determine had previously always connect to the internet, but that is no longer needed. For iOS users, will this function be available soon.

Google Maps has the following characteristics:

Nokia Here

Here is a navigation service of Nokia which was previously known as Ovi Maps and Nokia Maps. You can click on this map, not only the route between the two places, but also, for example, the local weather and current weather information view.

An advantage of the mobile app for Android and iOS is that the map information can be stored on a smartphone. This eliminates the need for the cards via your mobile internet connection to be downloaded. Useful when you go abroad or when you almost your data limit has been reached.

Nokia Here has the following characteristics:

  • free navigation software from Nokia,
  • choice of street map, satellite map or terreinkaart,
  • traffic and weather display,
  • choice of determine of car, public transport or walking directions,
  • offered as an online service and as a mobile app for Android and iOS.


To always be on time for your appointments to appear when you are travelling by car, you must not only estimate how long the drive is, but also how busy it is on the way.

TimesUpp provides a proactive answer to the question is at what time you exactly need to leave for your next appointment. This is counting in the background automatically, how long the drive is from your current location to the address of the next appointment. That address will be automatically imported from your telefoonkalender.

In addition to the addresses and intervals of appointments automatically from your telefoonkalender be imported, you can also fixed routes and days set. This is how you enter the address of your work and the time that you should start in for days and save it for the Saturday the hard visit to your club.

In some situations it will be quicker to to use public transport than drive to. Therefore, let the app to see how long that lasts.

A set amount of time before you need to (for example, a quarter of an hour or half hour) sends TimesUpp a push notification.

The creators of TimesUpp have at TomTom, among others, contributed to the HD Traffic function. This feature allows TomTom owners the fastest alternative route during traffic jams or roadworks. At TomTom, is this a paid module while using TimesUpp are offered free of charge.

TimesUpp has the following characteristics:

  • free app to travel time to calculate,
  • automatically synchronize the appointments in your calendar,
  • send push notification before you need to leave,
  • app is available in the Dutch language,
  • displays travel time on the basis of current roads and fileinformatie.


OsmAnd which stands for OSM Automated Navigation Directions. With this navigation app you can use the map view and via the quickest route to your destination.

The app makes use of data from the OpenStreetMap project. This open source project contains map information of countries all over the world. This mapping information is maintained and updated by volunteers.

The free Android app OsmAnd allows routes to be determined for both motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. With image and voice navigation you will be guided to your destination. A big advantage over Google Maps is that all the map data on the phone or an SD card is stored. You makes use of the mobile internet-especially in foreign countries a lot of money can care.

The app is free to download, but the paid upgrade offers more possibilities. The free version is, for example, is limited to downloading a maximum of 10 map files. You can also use the paid version tourist information from Wikipedia on the map.

Although you by the paid version to buy it the developers will help the project to continue the free version is also fine to use. The paid version is with a price of under 10 euros, the money is worth it.

OsmAnd has the following characteristics:

  • navigation app for smartphones and tablets,
  • makes use of map information of the OpenStreetMap project,
  • cards on the device for offline use,
  • fastest route to the destination schedule,
  • walk, bike or car route calculation,
  • including spoken navigation while driving,
  • shows street names, rijstrookaanduiding and time of arrival,
  • POI points such as restaurants and gas stations search,
  • satellite imagery of Bing Maps view,
  • only suitable for Android devices.

INRIX Traffic

The apps and software of INRIX Traffic will help you to as quickly as possible to your destination to reach. This is not only the shortest route will be defined but also the current road and traffic information consulted.

The app makes use of both official sources of public services and the cars of, among others, BMW and Ford that use INRIX software, as reports from users about traffic jams, accidents and diversions.

Google also makes use of the current traffic data from INRIX in its Google Maps application.

The mobile apps and the Windows desktopprogranma offer many advantages over other navigation apps. Thus, the video images from traffic cameras on the route will be displayed, and on the basis of historical traffic information, the best time to take a certain route calculated. Per unit of time, you will see how many minutes the trip will take when you leave.

As you are used to from other apps is the hustle and bustle on the road marked with a color. A green road is a quiet road, a red road is a traffic jam and orange slow-moving traffic.

What this app does is giving spoken route instructions. The app is especially suitable for people who already know the routes that they drive efficiently the files to circumvent. It will also fit the premium features of the app, such as storing an unlimited number of routes. For these routes, then continue to determine the actual travel time is so you in one glance whether it makes sense to go for a drive. The traffic information is updated every minute updated.

INRIX Traffic has the following characteristics:

  • free up-to date traffic and route information,
  • overview of all accidents, roadworks and traffic jams,
  • live video from traffic cameras look,
  • recommends what time you should leave to avoid traffic jams,
  • no voice navigation while driving,
  • translated to English,
  • mobile apps are available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone,
  • desktop agent is available for Windows operating systems.


Actually Wikipedia in this review are not at home because for the individual cards just have to be paid. Only the app itself is free. Yet we have this app a place on the list because the cards are a lot cheaper than the TomTom app. And this, while Wikipedia uses the same cards. The app is insanely popular in both the Apple App Store and Google Play. Worldwide, this is more than 20 million times downloaded.

Like TomTom, the maps after purchase on your smartphone so that you never have to make use of your mobile internet connection during the drive. This is especially useful when you go abroad, or often a bad connection.

You can choose whether to use the route in a flat 2-dimensional environment to display or as a 3-dimensional model. Both the buildings and the landscape shown in 3D to make it easier for you and the environment to orient.

Wikipedia has the following characteristics:

  • mobile navigation app available for Android and iOS,
  • makes use of TomTom maps,
  • much cheaper to buy than TomTom itself,
  • warns for speed cams,
  • updates are free of charge.


amAze offers a navigation app for almost all mobile operating systems.

The basic version of the app is free for full use, you need to pay. So the free version no routecalculatie and turn-by-turn voice guidance. For this you will need a paid license for a year purchase. However, the free version find addresses, search for points of interest (POIS) and detailed stratenkaarten.

amAze has the following characteristics:

  • navigation app,
  • many important features are available only after payment,
  • suitable for almost all smartphones.


Waze is a free navigation app for mobile phones. This app enables users to create maps of their environment. With the help of GPS Waze to determine how to walk the streets where you drive. Then be these streets be created, saved and shared with the remains of the users. Thus, after a period of time a complete and up to date road map. Users can also update and make changes in the maps application when needed.

Waze also keeps track of how hard the cars on a certain route and to determine whether there is a traffic jam or slow moving traffic. According to Waze to drive in the Netherlands there are already more than a hundred thousand users around, so the cards will rapidly become better. Also the additional information such as traffic jams, speed traps and roadworks that users can pass therefore often be supplemented.

When you and your friends login with Facebook account then you can select the location of your friends coming to your location on the go live on the map. Useful when you are somewhere to meet and want to know if you really have to hurry to be in time to come or not. When you're on the go you can your friends also send a message with your current location and the calculated arrival time.

Waze is a nice app with a playful design, which among other things is reflected in the cheerful icons. It is especially interesting for people who are attracted to the concept along with the rest of the users the maps to perfect.

Waze has the following characteristics:

  • free navigation app,
  • suitable for BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile,
  • the best route between two locations,
  • fileinformatie based on the speed of other Waze users drive,
  • current location of Facebook friends on the map,
  • real-time map updates.


NavFree is a free navigation app for Android, iPad and iPhone. Allows you to find the best route, determine and hear spoken route instructions play during the drive.

NavFree uses of the cards of the open source community, OpenStreetMap and is very complete. So to enable auto-night colors based on the time that the sun is at your location goes down, and it warns for speed cams. It is also shown what the current maximum speed is if you are driving too fast.

Unlike Google Maps makes NavFree maps on your smartphone are installed. So you will not be dealing with extra costs for downloading data via the internet. This is especially useful when you are abroad, your navigation app to use.

Maps are available for 31 countries. So when you are on holidays is a great chance that your destination is included.

NavFree has the following characteristics:

  • free navigation app,
  • suitable for Android, iPhone and iPad,
  • cards for 31 countries, including the Benelux countries,
  • visual and spoken navigation,
  • full-fledged alternative for TomTom,
  • music on phone is muted during voice guidance,
  • POI search via database or built-in Google search engine,
  • automatic night mode switching based on the time of sunset.

Download and install one of the versions programs Navigation for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86).

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