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Mosaic software is a big picture of several small pictures. For an example, see the images below. Mosaizer is a freeware program that automatically creates a mosaic of digital images.

Mosaizer is a freeware mosaic program. With Mosaizer, you can have multiple pictures for one large image to create.

With the Mosaizer software, you can create very many different effects to apply to your mosaic image. The mosaic can be built from: puzzle shapes, Escher figures, honingraadvormen, etc.

The function called Textaizer makes it possible to text a picture (ASCII art). Enter the text that should be used and select your own image. So you can, for example, an image of your favorite singer or a singer that is constructed out of a lyric.

Further, you can use the images used are 3D effects and shadows to add. However, this must be after 30 days to request a code by e-mail to Mosaizer to be able to continue to use. This code is free to obtain.

Mosaizer has the following characteristics:

  • free create mosaic of self-chosen images,
  • create bitmaps of the same picture to a mosaic,
  • Textaizer ASCII art images,
  • possibility of professional applying effects such as shadows and 3D effects.

Mosaizer screenshots


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