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Digital cameras can be photos with more megapixels. This is good for the quality of the printing, but the digital files are also becoming larger. Sending photos via e-mail or a chatnetwerk such as Skype or Live Messenger can be very long because the files are so large.

Shrink Pic is a free program for Windows that automatically your photos can reduce the size before these are sent.

Shrink Pic is a free Windows program that automatically large photo files to compress before sending it by e-mail, Skype or Live Messenger. Thus, it is possible to have multiple pictures as attachments of an e-mail to send. Photos can also be reduced in size before it on a blog.

The program runs constantly in the background of the operating system and places an icon in the taskbar. When you have a large try to send the picture makes Shrink Pic will automatically make a temporary copy in a smaller size. You can choose from three standard sizes where the images to be compressed or you can enter a size using.

Shrink Pic works with the following programs:

Shrink Pic has the following features:

  • free software for photo resize,
  • the software runs in the background of the operating system,
  • automatically reduces photos before they are shared through e-mail, chat or a blog,
  • choose from three standard formats for pictures or will add a distinctive format,
  • recognize portrait photos, which also turned pictures well be sent to only suitable for Microsoft Windows.

Shrink Pic screenshots

screenshot-Shrink Pic-1
screenshot-Shrink Pic-2

You can free download Shrink Pic and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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