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If you accidentally have files deleted from the hard drive of your PC or another storage medium such as the memory card of your camera or phone, there is still a possibility of the deleted files to restore.

As long as you have no new data over the deleted files has heengeschreven is a good chance that those files can be restore. This is because often just a link to a file to be deleted and not the data itself.

Puran File Recovery

Puran File Recovery is an interesting file recovery tool for Windows users. Not only is it possible to have an entire disk to be searched but also the individual partitions. The program is notable for the speed with which disk space is scanned. The result can be displayed within an environment that is similar to Windows Explorer or in a table. With the integrated search box helps you quickly find the wanted files. The preview instantly shows a small display of found images. Each found file can with a few clicks of the mouse to be repaired.

The software offers a number of advanced features that should help to more files to restore. So it contains an option to recover files with a customized size. Performs a custom size if, for example, a video file of 2GB is found as 1GB. After the introduction of the original file size, the software will do its best to complete the full file to restore. Furthermore, it contains Puran File Recovery in-depth knowledge of more than 50 file formats. This helps to make these files more accurately. You can also create a new file by default when the technical specifications enter.

Puran File Recovery has the following characteristics:

  • freeware bestandsherstelprogramma,
  • different display options,
  • specific knowledge of more than 50 file formats,
  • very fast scanning speed,
  • only suitable for Windows operating systems.

Kickass Undelete

Kickass Undelete is a totally free file recovery program for Windows. This software can recover all deleted files on a flash drive, (Micro)SD card or hard disk and gives you the ability to restore it.

It is important to realize that the chance to recover data is the greatest right after this has been cleared. The longer you wait the smaller the chance that the data is still in tact. This is because after the erasing (parts of) other files on the same space are placed. The result of this is that the data will be overwritten and can not be restored.

After launching the program select on the left side, a folder or an entire drive to scan. During the scanning process appear, the deleted files Kickass Undelete finds one on the screen. If the deleted file you are looking for in between them then you can restore that with a click of the button.

Kickass Undelete has the following characteristics:

  • free betandsherstel software,
  • available under an open source license,
  • supports both FAT and NTFS systems,
  • filter on file name or extension,
  • recovery data on o.a. USB, hard disk or SD card,
  • simple user interface,
  • portable application that do not first need to be installed,
  • only suitable for Windows operating systems.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS offers a variety of free solutions to recover data on your Windows computer. Although software for Mac is developed is unfortunately not for free download.

With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can add individual files or entire partitions, restore when for some reason lost. However, as with the other programs in this list, that the space on the hard drive then no other data is overwritten.

The only limitation to this program is free to use up to 1GB of data can be restored. If this is not sufficient then you must apply an upgrade.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has the following features:

  • individual files to restore,
  • all partitions restore,
  • up to 1GB of data free recover then should be paid,
  • only suitable for Micorosoft Windows.

Undelete 360

Undelete 360 is a complete recovery tool for files and folders on Windows computers. In addition, it can also do exactly the opposite, namely, files and folders irretrievably destroy so that others are not able to restore with a program like this. This is useful when you for example, your computer transfers them to someone else and want to make sure that your personal information is not to be found.

Undelete 360 detects and recovers files that are deleted, and from the Windows recycle bin. This can be a conscious act, but can also be caused by a bug in the software or by a virus.

In addition to the internal hard drive of your computer, the program can also use a USB stick, external hard drive or memory card for a camera or phone to scan.

To restore a file, first select a internal disk or external storage device to scan. After the scanning process has taken place, an overview is given of all the found files. Every file is described how large the chance is that the Undelete 360 can recover. The biggest chance you have files that are marked with "very good".

Since the program is only as freeware is available, you will not be harassed with ads for a paid upgrade, or restrictions in time or in features.

Undelete 360 has the following features:

  • freeware to recover deleted files and folders to restore,
  • completely free and without restrictions to use without a paid upgrade,
  • files irreversibly delete,
  • suitable for all opslagmediums such as memory cards, hard disks and USB-sticks,
  • only available in the English language,
  • only suitable for Windows operating systems.

EaseUS Partition Recovery

EaseUS Partition Recovery is a free Windows program that allows you to recover lost or deleted partitions can recover. The integrated wizard helps you step-by-step through the partition selection and recovery process.

EaseUS Partition Recovery has the following characteristics:

  • partitions of the hard disk of your PC repair,
  • free for both commercial and personal use,
  • supports FAT, NTFS and Ext2/Ext3,
  • supports IDE, ATA , SATA and SCSI disks,
  • only suitable for Microsoft Windows.

SoftPerfect File Recovery

SoftPerfect is a freeware bestandherstelprogramma. It can be used to accidentally deleted files recover from hard drive, floppy disk, USB stick, CF and SD cards and other storage media. It supports the popular file systems such as FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and NTFS5 with compression and encryption.

If you have important files deleted and also not in the waste bin of Windows then you can use SoftPerfect File Recovery proberenom your deleted files back.

SoftPerfect File Recovery has the following characteristics:

  • recover deleted files,
  • overview of deleted files with the date and file size,
  • recover deleted files from hard disk,
  • deleted recover files from USB stick,
  • deleted recover files from SD card,
  • support of other popular media.


Pandora Recovery

Pandora Recovery makes it possible for all the file types to recover. The program is suitable for hard drives with NTFS and FAT format. The program has a clear user interface. By the possibility to have different file attributes to search for are any files to recover very quickly.

Pandora Recovery has the following characteristics:


DiskDigger is a freeware Windows and Linux program to recover files. The program can deal with different drives, including the hard drive of your pc, memory cards and USB sticks. DiskDigger supports the repair of many different types of files, including photos and images, documents, audio and video, and archive files.

The program is under Linux, is free for personal use. On a Windows computer is the download and the scanning of a data carrier free of charge. Then, when a file is found that you want to restore than it is by the makers "strongly advised" to buy a license. However, it is not mandatory.

DiskDigger has the following characteristics:

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