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Do you want files or folders to restore accidentally or intentionally deleted or who for some other reason of your computer are gone?

On this page you will find more information about Undelete 360, free recovery tool for Windows.

With Undelete 360 can recover files that are intentionally or accidentally removed from the computer. It does not matter on any storage media the files are stored. This can be a internal hard disk but also a USB-stick, memory card from a camera or external drive.

When you want to retrieve a file you have to program first command specifying a particular disk or memory card to scan. After this scan is completed it displays a list of found deleted files. Behind each file is shown how big the probability is that the whole can be restored. The overview can be filtered by file name or file extension (for example, only jpg photos or docx documents). Some files, such as photos, you can immediately have a preview show so that you are easy to correct and can be found even before you start to recover.

With this program you can not only individual files to restore, but also a whole folder. It is, therefore, also to files and folders that are no longer in the recycle bin of the os. Despite the fact that the recycle bin has emptied or shift+del used to have a file full delete then the data still on the hard drive. Only the link to it is deleted, therefore for a program if it is still possible to have that data to restore. Condition for this is that the specific hard disk where the old file was stored then no other files are stored. In that case, the data, i.e. overwritten and recovery is no more possible.

Undelete 360 is a freeware, there are no advertisements or pop-ups are displayed and there are no limits to the use thereof. This is in contrast to many similar programs that only scan for deleted files free, and then for restoring it should be paid for.

A disadvantage of the program is that it is only a quick scan is run, no files detected which are lost by formatting or due to errors in the partitions.

There is also offered a feature where folders and files are completely deleted from the computer so that others cannot later be able to recover. Hereby, the files will be overwritten with other data. This is useful when you want to make sure that others in the future with your personal data. Not even when a program such as this would use to try, or deleted files still can be recovered.

Undelete 360 has the following features:

  • recover files on a Windows computer,
  • suitable for internal and external hard drives, USB sticks and memory cards,
  • no ads, limits, or requests to upgrade to a paid version,
  • preview the found deleted files to view,
  • both individual files and entire folders to restore.

Undelete 360 screenshots

screenshot-Undelete 360-1
screenshot-Undelete 360-2

You can free download Undelete 360 and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

Devices: Desktop PC, Laptop (ASUS, HP, DELL, Acer, Lenovo, MSI), Ultrabook

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