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Dmail deletes sent mail after the fact. At any desired time. The Tool can currently only together with Googlemail use. In addition, you have to make a Chrome extension install. Soon want, the makers of Dmail an Update, with the forwarding of Mails can be avoided.

Gmail has a "return Feature" Undo Send for Gmail, this works but only up to 30 seconds after Sending the Mail (you must include the Undo function in the Gmail settings to turn on and set the length of time). So you have to react immediately, if you a Mail but still wants to get back.

After the Installation of the Dmail extension you can select this shipping Option in the future for all to mailing Gmail emails choose. So you need not necessarily all Gmails from now on with Dmail to send, but can freely decide. You can the Send set when the Mail is to be deleted. But you can still enter if you have the Gmail, just via Dmail is sent.

The recipient must Dmail will not necessarily use. He actually has the dmail chrome plugin is not installed, then he receives a Mail, he click on a Button in order to read Mail. This Button will create a web page in the Browser – their content is located is not so on the servers of Gmail, but on the servers of Dmail. The receiver has however also the Dmail extension for Chrome installed, then he can Mail within Gmail read.

As soon as a Mail is deleted/is recalled, the recipient receives a message, if he has the Dmail extension installed. The content of the Mail is unreadable. Who the Dmail extension is not installed, noticed the Deletion of the Mail, when he again on the Button to Open the email clicks.

Dmail is encrypted according to the manufacturer, with 256 Bit. The Mail Body should be encrypted on the PC of the sender are stored. An encrypted copy is also on the servers of Dmail stored. The addressee of the Dmail was sent to the Mail, in turn, receives the information on where this email is located and a key to Open the encryption. Dmail stresses that the message content cannot be decrypted and therefore can not read it.

Over the long term, Dmail with other Services work. In August a Dmail App for iOS to follow. Later also an Android App. Dmail want it as a stripped down Free version and as a more powerful paid Version.

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You can free download Dmail and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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