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HumHub is a Social Intranet solution to Selberhosten and Open Source. We have the Software already last year in a very early stage, we are still some basic features missing. Right at the beginning, it can be said: These functions are now all integrated.

The Installation of HumHub is in comparison to the early Version we had in our first HumHub-article in the September 2014 lights have been improved. You can now Use Cases to select, which HumHub pre, and sample data import. The quickest way to do the Installation, if you the ZIP-archive via Shell on your Server and moves it in the desired directory is unpacked. Alternatively, you can also find the current status via GitHub to get, as in the documentary described.

The basic functions of HumHub with modules to expand. Since the first article some have been added. So, it is now possible Wikis for the Spaces to create and pages to create – in addition, there is a paid module for Meetings, which we discuss later. In addition, it supports HumHub now the elementary function, other users in a message prefixed with an @ mention, so that you have a notification – on Spaces can be referenced.

In addition to the articles, it is now also in the comments to possible to upload files – both can now by the authors to be edited. Furthermore, the search global and search posts, comments, files, users, and more. It also supports HumHub now Emojis, enables guest access for non-registered users, and supports Desktop Notifications HTML5. There is also a Markdown Editor, and the possibility of a Logo as well as a wide Header image for each Space to upload.

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You can free download HumHub 32, 64 bit and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 from the official site. - Overview features and capabilities software, apps for Windows 10
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