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Spotnet 2.0 is an unofficial successor of Spotnet 1.8.1. Spotnet is a 2011 released program that quite easily from newsgroups can be downloaded.

Spotnet 2.0 has a number of improvements were made compared to Spotnet 1.8.1. Common mistakes, such as the "out of memory" message have been fixed. Spotnet 2.0 also has an improved layout, and many other tweaks and additions.

May just be in addition to any existing installation. If Spotnet 2.0, you not so well, then you can just the old version continue to use it.

Within Spotnet use of the download tool SabNZBd. This is first installed at the installation. This can but did not be used to Spots to view and direct download.

Spotnet 2.0 screenshots

screenshot-Spotnet 2.0-1

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