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Those who Regularly use forms and surveys to create, using mostly programs zoals OmniPage or Microsoft Word. An Alternative option are web services zoals FormsCentral, since They directly ook the evaluation done.

For some years, walking more and more applications to the Web Currently leads the Google Docs web-based Office programs. Adobe Systems is trying the gap and complements the core platform with add-ons zoals FormsCentral for easier handling or questionnaires.

Cloud Computing is Regarded as one of the Most Important Trends in the IT industry. For end users, This Means That concretely more and more programs to Web walking and the browser are served. Adobe Systems HAS for quite some time the platform the classic Officepakete want to replace. Working with forms and surveys, send the Californian company FormsCentral into the race.


The web application FormsCentral flanked in fact, only the word processor, spreadsheet and the presentation program or but Can also be used as a standalone service without account to be posted. For the entry biedt Adobe a free test account, in-which only a single form to create and a maximum of 50 responses are recorded. Who wants more, must have at least the Basic account for 14.99 Dollar in the month book, five forms and a maximum of 500 records per form is Permitted. The Plus account ($ 199 a year) offers unlimited forms and 5,000 responses.

The registration FormsCentral must have a valid Adobe ID-which in case of need extra usefull for the web service can create. The system requirements for FormsCentral kept within limits, since the program indeed runs inside the browser. Adobe itself recommends Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or Safari 5, also, among other web browsers zoals Opera or Google Chrome, but shouldering everything work smoothly. Necessary for FormsCentral is, in any case, but the Flash Player 10.1 or later.

Adobe FormsCentral screenshots

screenshot-Adobe FormsCentral-1
screenshot-Adobe FormsCentral-2

You can free download Adobe FormsCentral and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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