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A wiki is an internet service that allows online documents jointly can be edited. MediaWiki is a free wiki software package, which also Wikipedia.

MediaWiki is an open source software package that allows a complete Wiki on a private server room can be installed.

MediaWiki is the software where also the highly popular online encyclopedia Wikipedia is running on. The big advantage is that it is very scalable, it is suitable for small sites, but also for large portals that have millions of hits per day.

MediaWiki uses PHP and a MySQL database. Pages are formatted in MediaWiki's wikitext format, so that even users who have no knowledge of XHTML and CSS, the texts can easily adjust.

When a user makes a modification in a text write MediaWiki to the database without the previous version of the text to delete. This makes it possible to at a later time, the text to change back to a previous version if unwanted changes are made. With MediaWiki, you can also photo and multimedia files add and manage.

For large wikis with lots of users MediaWiki supports caching so web pages by visitors faster loading.

MediaWiki has the following characteristics:

  • free wiki software,
  • uses PHP and a MySQL or PostgreSQL database,
  • open source,
  • suitable for small to very large and popular wiki sites,
  • is also used for the Wikipedia website.

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