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Do you want to different network protocols and data packets on the network to analyze? There are several open source solutions for which Wireshark is the most popular.

Wireshark is a so-called protocol analyzer and packet sniffer. This open source software is available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Wireshark is originally based on Ethereal. This program was of 2006, hundreds of developers until the lead developer went to work at another organization. His old employer held the rights to the brand name Ethereal. Therefore, there was a "fork" of the project made in order for this to develop under the new name Wireshark.

Because Wireshark is the most popular software in this category is include a lot of other programs suitable to integrate or agree to work together.

Wireshark has, among others, the following functions:

  • free protocol analyzer, and packet sniffer,
  • has an open source license,
  • based on (a fork of) the former Ethereal,
  • separate downloads for 32 - and 64-bit operating systems,
  • available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

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