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In the category of blogging software puts Wordpress in popularity, with head and shoulders above it. However, there are enough alternatives, some of which a lot more user friendly. The free software Ghost for example, is definitely worth a try.

Ghost is a fairly new platform that in 2013 was started with the help of crowdfunding. Several developers of Ghost have previously, in Wordpress, worked on and want to be with this new project, the blog user experience to further improve.

The goal of this open source project is to make blogging as simple and fun as possible. You are so min possible time to the blog (technically) working and has more time to attractive and interesting articles to create.

Ghost has a smart split-screen to the article both in Markdown code (left) as a live preview of the final result (right). So you don't have more back and forth clicking of the HTML to the preview and back again, as with most WYSIWYG editors is the case. You can preview part of the window even format with the same layout as your blog so that your picture of the end result is completely the same as that of the reader.

The content management system collects all the important statistics about your blog within a single dashboard. Here you will see how many times articles shared through social media, how many subscribers there are, how many visitors there have been, and which articles are most read. You can see the main statistics in a own custom dashboard widgets to drag and drop.

Within the stored articles, you can search for content in a way that you're used to from, for example, online e-mail services such as Gmail. Also here, you do so no more endless around clicking in the folders and subfolders to find what you are looking for.

Ghost is in the standard installation comes with all the social media and SEO optimization tools that every blog needs. So you share all new articles via Facebook and Twitter and his articles very well optimised for search engines such as Google. For this are not endless need for plugins like other blog platforms.

Of course, it is also possible to make plugins for this CMS to develop and to use or distribute. The same applies for themes to modify the layout to determine. From the start to work together with the website theme platform WooThemes, there is for every taste a suitable layout has been developed.

In the first instance, is Ghost developed especially for blogs by one person to maintain. In the longer term, the additional features, adding also the first choice for online magazines and news sites.

The CMS is from the basis developed in a time when people most of their time online already spend with the smartphone or tablet. So it is fully responsive for both the administrator(s) as the readers. This means that you are on the go articles you can edit and place and that it is for readers to automatically adjust the screen.

The company behind Ghost, is a non-profit organization. According to the developers, this enables the interests of the blogger better served. The developers are fully focused on creating the best blogervaring and do not increase shareholder value.

Ghost is written in Node.js and is released under an MIT license. If you are looking for a content management system for a new blog or you want to switch to and user-friendly system than we strongly recommend you to Ghost a try. You don't need anything at first to install but you can also the free online service test.

Ghost has the following characteristics:

  • free content management system for blogs,
  • fully responsive design for both administrators and visitors,
  • fully customizable admin dashboard with drag & drop widgets,
  • standard integrated tools for SEO and social media,
  • customize with plugins and themes,
  • written in node.js,
  • available under the open source MIT license.

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You can free download Ghost and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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