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The parts of the screen is used a lot by people who are together on the same IT project work. In this way, people can at a distance, for example, but the same code working about, and discuss, without having to agree. This can be done by screen sharing, for example via Skype, but there are also more advanced free solutions such as Screenhero.

UPDATE: Screenhero is in January 2015, acquired by the developer of productivity tools including Slack. New users can no longer register and the features of Screenhero will in the future be part of the Slack platform.

Screenhero is a freeware solution for sharing your screen when working on projects. To make use of this both parties need to install the software. So both the person from whom the computer is operated as the person who is at a distance watching.

The software is available for Windows and Mac and offers a full free version. There is also a paid version in development specifically focused on teams. This makes sharing a screen in larger groups and managing teams. For one-on-one collaboration is the free version sufficient.

Unlike Skype , the various users their own cursor to operate. After the startup Screenhero and open in the code editor, the web browser or other application, where to look should be to have both the person behind the computer, as the one who at a distance watching its own cursor. So both users can each give directions by using the mouse to control. Of course, users can also simultaneously chat with each other via the integrated call function.

When you have a program that helps to together code to debug or programming then it is definitely worth Screenhero to install. Better than Skype and Teamviewer connect it to the parts of a computer for these purposes. It can of course also be used for the collaborative editing of video, writing email, or surfing the internet.

Screenhero has the following characteristics:

Screenhero screenshots


You can free download Screenhero and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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