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Are you looking for a security package for your Mac computer? Used to be almost all the software for Mac OS only available for a fee, fortunately that has changed. Thus, for example, 360 Internet Security for Mac is, as the name says, a free security package for Mac owners.

360 Internet Security for Mac is a free security package for your Mac computer. Although the program scans for viruses, but it helps you in several other ways to your Mac computer in optimal condition and not in the hands of cybercriminals.

First of all delete this is very simple all the unnecessary clutter on your Mac computer is stored, such as cookies, cache files and internet sessions. You can browser select which saved data you want to delete, or just all the possibilities select.

With the help of the anti-phishing technology, websites that make use of these methods is recognized and blocked. Phishing is a collective term for the steal personal information through a (fake) website. Often it happens that for example in the form of a fake website of a bank that is copied to the account details of unwary visitors to onfutselen.

360 Internet Security can be a handy tool, but if you're looking for more complete security software including virus scanner, we recommend you to our overview of free virus scanners for Mac OS to consult. The version of 360 Internet Security for Windows is also a lot more extensive.

360 Internet Security for Mac has the following features:

  • integrated function for the complete uninstall of selected apps,
  • unnecessary stored files with a click of the button,flush,
  • securely over the internet with the help of anti-phishing functionality,
  • free security package for Mac operating systems.

360 Internet Security for Mac screenshots

screenshot-360 Internet Security for Mac-1
screenshot-360 Internet Security for Mac-2

You can free download 360 Internet Security for Mac and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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