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Previously, there were little to no viruses in circulation that Mac computers to infect. With the Mac becoming increasingly popular, has become as compared to Windows is the for criminals interesting to malicious software for Mac to develop.

Also, Apple itself has in 2008 for the first time are advised to have security software to install. On this page you will find a free virus scanner for Mac OS.

Avira Free Mac Security is an antivirus program for Mac OS. The program is free for everyone, both for personal and commercial use. In addition to a scan automatically at specific times takes place, the software includes a real-time protection feature. This will scan the new files on the system vent.

You can choose to have the entire system scan, only vulnerable components or only specific folders or files.

Avira Free Mac Security scans on both the Mac specific malware as malware targeting Windows computers. This is to combat the spread of Windows viruses through a Mac to avoid.

Avira Free Mac Security has the following characteristics:

  • free virus scanner,
  • set the Mac automatically on a regular basis is being scanned,
  • install updates automatically,
  • the entire system scan or only vulnerable components or files and folders,
  • very simple user interface, additional functions in the menu, you find,
  • available only for the Mac OS.

Avira Free Mac Security screenshots

screenshot-Avira Free Mac Security-1
screenshot-Avira Free Mac Security-2

You can free download Avira Free Mac Security and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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