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When someone using your computer lends to surf the internet can be that a lot of information about your internet locate. There is a lot of data by the web browser automatically stored by using cookies (small files that sites visited are placed) and the cache (or parts of websites can be saved for later faster loading). In addition, all visited sites saved in a history that is easy to recall, and the text that filled in online fields are stored so that they can later auto-completed when you begin typing.

Browzar prevents other people from intentionally or accidentally your internet provider.

Browzar is a free "skin" for the browser of Internet Explorer that your privacy is ensured. Many people do not realize how much data there automatically by the web browser automatically and transparently be stored.

It ensures that there are no cookies, cache and history are stored and that auto complete is turned off. This will not automatically fields in online forms filled out on the basis of words that have been introduced in the past. This prevents that when other people use your computer they are facing with data that you previously entered or searches that you have used.

In essence, does Browzar nothing revolutionairs, users with a little computer knowledge can also the browser cache, empty the auto-complete function off or set the privacy mode of the browser turn on. This web browser is therefore particularly suitable when you have a quick solution, and no time or sense for you to explore the way in which your internet to automatically record. It offers no solution to anonymously surf the internet, it only for that other people who use your computer is not automatically stored data can be retrieved.

Since this program as a shell for Internet Explorer works it is only to install on a Windows computer. It is not necessary to use the software first to install, and it can therefore, also from an USB-stick to boot. Useful when you, for example, in an internet cafe to browse, and has no personal data on that computer want to leave.

Browzar has the following characteristics:

Browzar screenshots


You can free download Browzar and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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