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To ensure that you will not lose any important files, it is wise to with any regularity to make a backup. Here is a copy of all the files in a different location than the original files. For example, if your hard disk fails, these files are not all lost.

The creation of backups, you can do manually, but it is quicker and easier to make here a special program for to use. One of these programs is Comodo Backup. This is under certain conditions even free to use.

Comodo Backup is a free backup program offered by the same company.

With this software you can backup your important files. The free version of this service offers up to 5 gigabytes of storage for free and a lifetime license. When you need more space, you can use these against payment. The upgrade costs $ 10 per month and offers a whopping 250 gigabytes of storage space.

Comodo Backup automatically detects media files that are stored on your computer so that you there with one click on the button a online backup. These media files are divided into the categories of photos, videos, documents and music. Behind each category there is a button that makes it possible to directly make a backup of this type of media files.

Also your e-mail account and the data that is stored in your web browser can a backup be made. All the online stored files and information from the program to be synced with different computers.

The files that are stored online can be used in the same way as files that are stored locally. So you can get music and movies directly from this online space to play wherever you are.

Before your files are sent to the online storage automatically with the help of encryption are protected. Because of this your data during the transfer is not easy for hackers to intercept.

Comodo Backup has the following features:

  • free backup program with 5GB of free storage,
  • with the help of compression and encryption to save files,
  • automatic your media files and categorize and backup,
  • movies and music from the online storage space play,
  • make backups of your e-mail and browser data,
  • files between your different computers to sync,
  • only available for Windows.

Comodo Backup screenshots

screenshot-Comodo Backup-1
screenshot-Comodo Backup-2

You can free download Comodo Backup and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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