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CyberGhost VPN redirects your entire Internet traffic through the Server of the manufacturer so that you will be outside only under their IP address occur. This promises the advantage that you are not using the unique address to identify your access provider to you each time you allocate. The connection of your PC to "CyberGhost VPN"Server is always fully encrypted. The free version gives you unlimited Traffic, interrupts, however, all three hours of the Internet connection. You must also time delays when trying to connect to purchase. In the Premium and Plus versions are available for the traffic 253 instead of 20 Server to provide.

Many providers block the use of their content for the ranges of certain countries or companies (for example, video portals such as YouTube or the websites of television stations). You should use the normal IP address of your Provider more frequently, error messages to the "This Video is in your country, unfortunately, is not available." presented, creates an address of "CyberGhost VPN" may help.

The so-called "Anti-Fingerprinting" is on request so far, that also the language to the language of the simulated land is set, information about the operating system and the Browser are removed and Social Plugins like the "Like Button" from Facebook, or Tracking sites are blocked. In the Software built-in password Manager allows you to safely Enter passwords via a virtual keyboard. Also, with the help of password security your password is checked. Should this be unsafe, "CyberGhost VPN" detailed information about the vulnerabilities of the password. In addition the program offers options to auto-Login and auto-connect. In addition to automatic IP and country selection you can Serverland also choose to manually select.

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