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Despite the efforts of the large IT companies, a key infrastructure for the registration of a user with a web service to create, we collect, almost daily access for any platform. Who has the Overview of its digital key has long been lost, they can with Kaspersky back.

Kaspersky is with the consumers almost exclusively for its virus scanner is well-known, although the IT-specialists of the Russian manufacturer also programs for more security off of the big threats to offer. The Password Manager is one of them: It acts as a digital keychain and prevents arbitrary access.

The Russian Software company offers a program called Password Manager, which is located as a Central repository for login information each type is presented - no matter whether it is a program that will run in the Browser or, for example, a locally installed Instant Messaging Client. Unfortunately, the Kaspersky Password Manager is not free, and the license fee of 15 Euro can most users but certainly not a big deal - especially since a free trial is available to the program before purchasing it in peace to try. It should work on Windows XP or later to run.

Directly after the Installation asks for the Password Manager and the user, which password for the database should apply. This Master password should be as secure as possible: Any user, which it knows will also get access to all of the application information stored. On request, we can later also use a USB drive or Bluetooth device for the administration of access to be set up. By default, includes an open keychain access Kaspersky Password Manager, if the computer is ten minutes of not being used, here may be a shorter setting makes sense, depending on how high the particular need of users.

Kaspersky Password screenshots

screenshot-Kaspersky Password-1

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