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A compression program makes it possible for one or more files reduced in size to save. This technique is widely used in the sharing and archiving of files. That is a collection of files combined to one file ensures that the parts, for example via e-mail a piece of easy. Easy 7-Zip is a free compression program.

Easy 7-Zip is a free compression program for Windows computers. This is available under an open source license, and is suitable for 32 - and 64-bit operating systems.

The developer is use for both personal and commercial purposes.

As the name already says, is Easy 7-Zip is a easy-to-use version of 7-Zip. This is traditionally one of the most popular programs in this category. Easy 7-Zip has all the features of 7-Zip, but there also extra features and customizations in the user interface to be added.

Easy 7-Zip adds the following features to the context menu: icons in the Windows drop-down menu and options for the window "extract". There are four buttons added to this panel, namely: "open", "filename", free and total storage space hard disk, and options for after successfully extracting a file.

Easy 7-Zip works with the following file formats:

  • 7z
  • ARJ
  • BZIP2
  • CAB
  • CHM
  • CPIO
  • CramFS
  • DEB
  • DMG
  • FAT
  • GZIP
  • HFS
  • ISO
  • LZH
  • LZMA
  • MBR
  • MSI
  • NSIS
  • NTFS
  • RAR
  • RPM
  • SquashFS
  • TAR
  • UDF
  • VHD
  • WIM
  • XAR
  • XZ
  • Z
  • ZIP

Easy 7-Zip screenshots

screenshot-Easy 7-Zip-1
screenshot-Easy 7-Zip-2

You can free download Easy 7-Zip 32, 64 bit and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 from the official site. - Overview features and capabilities software, apps for Windows 10
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