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Ever had Internet Explorer by far the most used browser worldwide. Because Microsoft little energy has been put into the development of the Internet Explorer is overtaken by, in particular, the Chrome browser of Google.

Again a significant role to play in the browser market, Microsoft's Spartan will be developed. This free browser is from the ground up developed on the basis of a new engine.

UPDATE: Meanwhile is the new web browser software, including Spartan, the trial version was officially released under the name Microsoft Edge.

Spartan is a free browser that in 2015 is released. Spartan is the answer of Microsoft on the decline in popularity of Internet Explorer. Spartan is completely from the ground up re-engineered with a new rendering engine. This is better suited for dynamic sites, and therefore provide a much faster browsing experience.

From march 2015, this browser for the first time as part of the technical preview of Windows 10. A remarkable function that you can use is the digital assistant Cortana, which allows you to quickly see additional information about, for example, a website or the weather forecasts requests. It is also possible from the browser to notes and drawings on a web page. A screenshot of this can then be quickly shared. Many of these features were previously only available through plugins to install, and now this so, by default, in the browser integrated.

The Spartan browser will eventually be released for all Windows systems, both on the desktop, tablet and smartphone. There is even a version for the XBOX game console.

Spartan has the following features:

  • free web browser from Microsoft,
  • versions are available for XBOX consoles,
  • available for desktop and mobile Windows operating systems.

Spartan screenshots


You can free download Spartan 32, 64 bit and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 from the official site. - Overview features and capabilities software, apps for Windows 10
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