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Google Chrome is a free web browser offered by Google. This browser is based on Chromium. On this page you will find more information about the world's most popular browser at this moment.

Google Chrome is a free internet browser developed by Google. Google Chrome is based on the open source Chromium project.

Google indicates that the browser is developed with the vision that a browser really should be fast. Google Chrome is focused on web applications could be loaded faster. Google has an interest because there are also a lot of work with web applications from Google such as: Google Maps, Google Docs, and Gmail. In addition, the biggest advantages for the user: the sleek design without unnecessary buttons, and the automatic display of most visited websites as buttons on the home page.

When entering a word in the address bar with suggestions for searches and web sites to make navigating easier. The website suggestions are based on sites you have previously visited and on the position of a site in Google search engine.

At the time that Google Chrome was first released, it was a great innovation that an application that was started in a separate tab not the entire browser could crash. This function is now inherited by all popular web browsers. At the time a page crashes, only the relevant tab will be closed and not all the other tabs that are still open.

Google Instant is integrated in the web browser, this means that search results are already given when you start typing a word in the address bar. A little further surfing much faster is the Instant Page feature. This is the first result in Google already loaded so without waiting time directly opens in the browser when you click on it. The browser is automatically updated every time it is booted so you can always get the latest features and security measures. You will receive only a notification at the bottom of the screen and have the browser not re-start.

The functionality of Google Chrome is to expand further with the help of the Google Chrome Extensions. So, there are extensions available to quickly display information from, among other Buienradar, and ANWB.

Google Chrome is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux (Debian/Fedora/openSUSE/Ubuntu). In addition, there is also a version for iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets. Chrome for Android can also sync with the normal version of Chrome for computers. In this way, your settings, apps, bookmarks, and open tabs will automatically be exchanged between the Chrome browsers on all your devices.

If you wish to test that in the future this browser added than you can use the unstable version install called Chrome Canary. This unstable version, you can simply in addition to the normal version on your pc. These different browsers will not overwrite.

Google Chrome has the following options:

  • free web browser
  • minimalist design
  • freeware offered by Google Inc.
  • available for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • designed for faster browsing
  • standard SSL-encryption of search queries
  • support for the input of spoken text
  • use of tabs as possible integrated PDF-viewer
  • save web pages as PDF-file
  • Incognito mode, whereby the entire browsing history is deleted when the browser is closed to protect your privacy
  • Do Not Track feature that lets advertisers is asked to the browsing habits of the user not more to follow
  • Instant Page - this function loads the first result in the Google search engine to get in so this page directly, without having to wait, open when you select it
  • display suggestions for searches and web pages in address bar automatic thumbnail
  • display of most-visited sites on the home page easy shortcuts to websites on desktop of Windows
  • different themes available for the user interface to adjust
  • integrated Google Instant feature in which search results are already displayed when you start typing in the Chrome address bar
  • automatic updates during startup of the web browser
  • synchronization of open tabs between different devices including Android tablets and smartphones

Google Chrome screenshots

screenshot-Google Chrome-1
screenshot-Google Chrome-2

You can free download Google Chrome and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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