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The protect and encrypt digital communication for many internet users top priority since it became known that the government on a large scale privacy breach. This is true not only for U.s. security but also for Dutch and European public bodies. A popular free privacy tool for Mac users, GPG Suite.

With GPG Suite Mac OS users to email messages if files are encrypted to store. The big advantage of this suite is that it is aimed at Mac users and that the different applications bundles. It is possible to encrypt e-mails and web site URLs to Word or Excel files. The software is completely open source and the developers are dependent on donations for the funding of this project.

Gpg4win is the best alternative for GPG Suite if you are not a Mac but a Windows computer.

To messages from others to be able to read and the recipient of your message to enable your emails to be read, you must both include an encryption key. This makes the program use of OpenPGP. This technology makes use of asymmetric cryptography where two keys are required. One key to encrypt and a different key to decrypt. The use of GPG Suite will be for new users so gevompliceerd. When you run the operation once you understand you have the best possible privacy protection for digital communications. That means that even for specialized government services is nearly impossible to send messages and documents to be intercepted. OpenPGP is the most popular encryption standard. This method is a further development of the in 1991 by Phil Zimmermann written program PGP (Pretty Good Privacy).

With the GPG Keychain feature allows you to manage these OpenPGP keys and you can create, verify and modify. The keys of friends you have to import from a key server. The encrypt and extract e-mail messages by GPG Suite provided via an open source plugin for Apple Mail.

GPG Suite has the following features:

  • a combination of encryption tools,
  • makes use of the OpenPGP technology,
  • encrypted e-mail sending,
  • extra buttons directly in Apple Mail for encryption and signing,
  • integration with key server to encryptiecodes to share,
  • codes from friends via the integrated role import,
  • quickly switch between PGP and S/MIME mails,
  • emails "sign" that you are sure is who the message is sent,
  • only suitable for Mac OS operating systems.

GPG Suite screenshots

screenshot-GPG Suite-1
screenshot-GPG Suite-2

You can free download GPG Suite and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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