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It is good to regularly backup your computer or certain of certain valuable files and folders. To do this, you may be on the old-fashioned way, by your files on an external hard drive, but this happens more and more often online in the cloud. That is a safe way to store your files and you can then always and everywhere. Thing is, though, that this in a safe manner. There is Duplicati around the corner. This is a useful and reliable program which lets you data is encrypted, incremental and compressed to save it to a desired online location, such as OneDrive, FTP, Google Drive, Stack, SSH, your server or your NAS or other cloud services.

Duplicati is a free program, available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

If you have your files online want to save, then, there is the possibility that this is not a safe way. Duplicati ensures that this is the case. The program is quick to install and looks clean and simple.

When the install sets you or the program directly with your computer or that you manually want to do. It is possible to store files, but in addition to restore from your online storage. All data are encrypted with AES-256 encryption. When the program starts, then appears in your browser, where you can directly access the main menu.

The store is easy and you during the process accompanied by a great wizard, which you step-by-step on the road helps. You choose to add a backup, then the backup a name. Subsequently, Duplication of the folders or to select files that you want to keep. You then click on 'Next', after which you'll need to enter a password that your files are protected. You to choose the option to have your backup to protect.

Don't forget your passwords somewhere to keep, because if you have a password that is not know more than that ask and you will no longer have access to your backup. Then choose the medium where you want the backup to want to save. So that is cloud-based, but also your NAS or your own server. For the latter, you choose the option FTP using your login details and server enter. With cloud services, you enter your login credentials. Then, you can create online a new folder, after which the program establishes the connection and upload your files.

If you want to retrieve files, then you click in Duplication on 'Restore files from a backup, and the files are restored on your system. That is useful if your system is new or if you want the files or folders lost. Last, it is possible to set when a backup needs to be made.

Duplicati has the following characteristics:

  • makes a backup to cloud services, NAS or your server,
  • free available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux,
  • encrypts data with AES-256 encryption,
  • has a handy wizard that helps you,
  • provides a recovery tool, that you files back on your computer.

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You can free download Duplicati and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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