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MP3 files can be in different quality levels can be stored. A lower quality need not always be audible. An advantage of storing audio files in a lower quality is that it is less large. You can then click on your hard disk or iPod device so more MP3's save.

With MP3 Quality Modifier you can select MP3 files to convert to a different quality level.

With MP3 Quality Modifier you can quickly and easily the quality of your MP3 files.

With quality is designed, among other things, the bitrate, sample rate and stereo mode of the audio file. At a low bitrate, there will be less kilobits per second played, but this is for the human hearing is not always noticeable. A bitrate of 256 is the sound quality almost equal to that of a CD. But many people will be the difference with a bitrate of 192 not hear. And the advantage of a lower bitrate is that the files are smaller and therefore more music on an MP3 player or iPod to fit.

When you select the quality of MP3 files you want to customize then you can select these individually or as an entire playlist to the window of MP3 Quality Modifier drag. Then, you can choose to manually all the settings to edit, but you can also choose from a number of standard settings. These are of a high sound quality with a lot of storage space to a low quality and low amount of storage space required.

Converting takes only a few seconds per MP3 file in the attachment. Unlike some other programs continue to ID3 tags such as song name and artist, just keep. After the process is completed, the program displays a window in which the size of the original MP3 file and the created file is displayed next to each other.

MP3 Quality Modifier has the following options:

  • quality and size of MP3 files,
  • whole playlists at a time to import,
  • all the ID3 tags and the folder structure is retained,
  • without installation immediately ready for use,
  • also translated into Dutch.

MP3 Quality Modifier screenshots

screenshot-MP3 Quality Modifier-1
screenshot-MP3 Quality Modifier-2

You can free download MP3 Quality Modifier and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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