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PeerGuarduan can in - and outbound internet connections to block based on IP block lists. The program blocks certain IP addresses to access to your connection. The IP addresses that are blocked are from anti-P2P organizations, governments, spyware servers and advertising and data tracker servers.

PeerGuardian is open source software that allows in - and outbound internet connections may be blocked on the basis of a black list of IP addresses or by the set of ranges of IP addresses. The program uses a blacklist of IP addresses which are from governments, anti-p2p organizations, spyware, and data tracking servers. In this way your internet connection is somewhat protected against snooping from the outside.

PeerGuardian is often used in combination with P2P torrent programs such as BitTorrent. In this way, you will prevent the blocked IP addresses can track which files are exchanged.

Since PeerGuardian works on the basis of a public "black list" of IP addresses, it does not offer 100% protection against privacy violations. Still, it is possible for the P2P traffic monitoring from IP addresses that have not yet been included on the black list from PeerGuardian.

PeerGuardian has the following characteristics:

  • open source IP blocker
  • blockade on the basis of black lists of IP addresses or by the set of ranges of IP addresses
  • suitable for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X

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